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Started by Alan, June 30, 2014, 02:25:38 AM

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Quote from: Alan on July 13, 2014, 09:53:16 AMAnd so ends AvatarMeet 2014.  A massive IRAYO NÌTXAN to everyone.  Especially Karyu Pawl and John who have made everyone so welcome and opened up their home to us and provided a wonderful vegan meal to all of us.  Also to Karyu Pawl who provided another wonderful Na'vi class 103 that will become a wonderful resource for the future.

Of none of us will forget to amazing experience that the outstanding people at Lightstorm gave us.  A massive Irayo nìtxan to Jon Landau, Kathy Franklin, Brooks Brown, Kevin Earl who all made it possible to visit their studios and were so amazingly accommodating of us.  We must also thank also their staff who also helped provide the amazing experience.  This will live with us all for a very long time to come and we wish them the most sincerest best for the coming years as they ramp up production for the coming films.

All that remains are the sad 'kìyevames' and 'Eywa ngahus' as we gradually make our way home to our own kelutrals.  So until next time...

Kìyevame ulte Eywa ngahu frakrr,


Ah, finally getting around to posting here since the meetup ended.
Irayo, Alan, for sharing your journal entries with us here...I always like reading your thoughts on the meetup.  :D
I had a wonderful time at AvatarMeet 2014! It was great to spend time with old and new clanmates, and I think we had some truly amazing experiences. A BIG Irayo Nìtxan to the Planning Committee, Lightstorm, Karyu Pawl & John, Madrona Marsh, etc.!
In the coming week I plan on posting a link to my meetup photo album(s).
And hopefully, if all goes well, I'll be attending AvatarMeet 2015 (wherever it is) and seeing you all again next year!  :)
Your love shines the way into paradise.
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Irayo Alan - and everyone else who helped to make this journal so much fun to read (except I was a bit at sea with all the camera details - but I could sense your enthusiasm, ma guys!). You obviously had a great time. Now to check out the photos.  :)
Kiyevame ulte Eywa ngahu.


Irayo nìtxan ma CyanRachel sì utraltireaite for your kind words.  It's the best way I can think of to bring the clan along to the meet up even though they may be many miles away whilst it is happening.

Alan  :)