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Started by mikkowilson, July 26, 2015, 04:30:41 PM

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^those are very nice :) the zoo was fun :)


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`Eylan Ayfalulukanä

Txantsan, ma Ftiafpi. Mllte oe hu Wind12 (ulte Ftiafpi, fpìl oe). Tseng fpi ioang sunu ayoe!

Yawey ngahu!
pamrel si ro [email protected]


That group shot of all of us turned out great, Mikko!  :D

And your photos from the camping pre-meet are really nice, Ekira -- Irayo for sharing!  :)
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`Eylan Ayfalulukanä

The group shot captured with my camera was a bit different:

We tried to get a group shot with someone holding a laptop with Tirea Aean connected, but his connection dropped just before we were ready. (We did not have real good wi-fi in that room.)

Yawey ngahu!
pamrel si ro [email protected]


Cool looking at all the photos - especially at the bits I were not at.  They look amazing.  Irayo for sharing Fifi and Ekirä :)

A start has been made of the video.  If anyone has any photos or video they would like including in the meet up video contact me and we can get it transferred.