Time is running out to book your hotel room

Started by Alan, June 04, 2015, 02:37:25 PM

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Just a reminder for those who have yet to book their hotel room at Estes Park for AvatarMeet 2015, the last date is June 22nd.

Details on how to book your room can be found here: http://www.avatarmeet.com/?m=6&s=5

Once you have booked you room, please update your profile on the AvatarMeet website so we can firm up the numbers of attendees.  Many thanks and oel ngati kameie soon. :)



Just wanted to post another reminder for those who haven't booked their hotel room yet.  The deadline of June 22nd is fast approaching.  Details in the post above and don't for get update your profile on AvatarMeet.

Really looking forward to meeting up with you all again. :D

Alan (Alan, Alan, Al...Al, Alan!)



...And remember to update your profile at www.AvatarMeet.com when you book so that we know for sure who's coming. (And also update your profile if you suddenly aren't coming. Numbers people, it's all about numbers!)

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Steve! Steve! Steve!

Huh...  It's not Steve....Alan, Alan, Alan, Al...Al...Alan!  Hehehe ;D

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