AvatarMeet 2016: Hotel Considerations for Pittsburgh

Started by Alan, May 07, 2016, 12:59:31 PM

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For anyone who has not received the latest AvatarMeet 2016 Newsletter, here is a copy of the content:

Irayo nìtxan ma frapo who took time to fill in the latest survey which looked at the location choices between Denver and Pittsburgh. It has given us a very clear steer in the direction for AvatarMeet 2016 as you will see from the results below.  In summary there was a strong preference to stick with the original dates and head to Pittsburgh for one big meet up and so that is what we shall endevour to do.

Previous Survey Results:
We had a total of 37 respondents to the survey.  Irayo to everyone who took the time to fill in the survey in such a short time frame.  This information, along with the helpful comments, have guided the planning team. Below is a summary of the results:

Do you have a preference for the meet up to be in Denver or in Pittsburgh?

Denver  - 35% (13)
Pittsburgh  -  57%  (21)
Undecided/No Preference  -  8%  (3)

Would you prefer to have one "official" meet up or two mini meet ups?
One big meet up -  75%  (27)
Two mini-meet ups -  6%  (2)
Undecided/No Preference   -  19%  (7)

If there were to be two mini-meet ups which location would you be going to?
Denver -  32% (12)
Pittsburgh -  46%  (17)
Undecided  -  22%  (8 )

As you can see from the results there has been a strong feeling that the original dates should be maintained and for there to be one main meet up rather than two mini-meet ups. 

A Search for Hotels
Already we have been researching and contacting hotels to determine availability, location and cost.  It is a balancing act to meet all the requirements and it has to be understood that due to the closeness of the event, hotel prices inevitably will be higher than if we had been able to book earlier.  Many of the 'practical' hotels were looking at about or over $200 per night + taxes.

However, we have found a hotel that we feel will fit the bill.  This is the Cambria Suites Hotel.  It is located next door to the CONSOL Energy Center - the venue for TORUK - The First Flight!  At this time we are still working with the hotel to to get a group booking in place.  However, whilst we do this, we want to share that the room rate per night, including taxes will be in the region of $190 per night.  We know this is quite steep and pretty high compared to previous meet ups.  However this is a result of the cirumstances we find ourselves in.

It is not all bad though as up to four people can share a room, which has a king size bed with a sofa pull out bed.  Room sharing with four can reduce the room cost to about $45 per person per night.

Due to time running out there is limited room availability at many of the hotels in and around Pittsburgh.  With regard to the Cambrian there are only 5 rooms available on June 22nd, although there is a small number of extra rooms available on the remaining days of the meet up.  We currently have 5 rooms on hold for each day of the meet up (June 22 - 26).

There is another 'iron in the fire' on the hotel front, but for us to confirm if the hotel arrangements will meet the needs of the meet up in terms of numbers, we would like you to fill in the survey below.  It is the best way for us in the planning team to quickly get the information we need to firm up the hotel arrangements.  Please respond by Sunday morning if possible.  Irayo nìtxan:

As ever we will do our best to keep you informed as we move along.  In the meantime, if you have any question or queries, please don't hesitate to contact us through the usual channels.

AvatarMeet Planning Team


Irayo nìtxan, Alan, for keeping us informed.  :D
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