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AvatarMeet 2016 T-Shirt ( guess I am too late )


Taronyu FTU:
So I pretty much started working on a t-shirt design for this years meetup aprox. 1 day before the newletter with Sarahs design came along.

I am posting this here just in case anyone wants a shirt wit my design. I would print them in germany and bring them with me to the meetup.

So if anyone wants a shirt please let me know. Just send me an E-mail to ftu[at]gmx[dot]net with the size you want ( bear in mind that german sizes tend to be smaller than US sizes ).

The price would be 20-22‚ā¨.

If someone prefers to get it printed him/herself I will gladly share the files to do so.

Previews can be found at the follwing links

Deadline for orders would be Monday 6th June.

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`Eylan Ayfalulukanä:
Ma Taronyu FTU, great to hear you are coming! Unfortunately, I ended up having to cancel this year due to an important hearing I need to testify in. I looked forward to seeing you again after the txantsan time we had together last year.

I'll look at those designs tonight, and might consider getting one made, even though I will be unable to attend (I am seriously considering organizing a mini-meetup for the Denver performance.) I may even order it from you, if you are able to mail one here.


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