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Toruk Makto:
So, who has good photos of the meet? Rutxe, please share!

Just a Webex thing... however fìfya, it looks from another part of the world. ;)


Here is a direct link to a pic that I put in my photobucket account, due to my ipads thing about shutting down programs if I leave the tab, it would take forever to up lad more than one pic, so feel free to browse my collection, I dont have many pics due to the fact that TLFN, took many, many more, and I know Alan got alot

Cool!  Irayo for setting this up Markì.  Here's a link to the photos I took.  There are some more too, but I've just run out of time at the moment - work tomorrow :(


Irayo nìtxan ma Alan , great photos as always.  :) :) The meets never last long enough though :p, but I am very much looking forward to meeting my aysmuk again next year.


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