AvatarMeet 2018 - Vancouver Camping Discussion Thread

Started by TrueLoveforNeytiri, April 30, 2018, 02:34:25 PM

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Kaltxì ma frapo! Hello everyone!

Welcome to the 2018 AvatarMeet Vancouver camping discussion thread. This thread is to gauge the feasibility of a camping event before this year's AvatarMeet in Vancouver, Canada, as well as to discuss some of the things that would need to be done to facilitate such an event. The planners are looking to see if we can plan a potential camping event, but as with previous meets, a camping event is dependent on several things. Some of them being:

- There would have to be enough attendees interested in camping to garner a group camping event.

- Assuring there is transportation for attendees to get to the camping event from the airport, as well as back to Vancouver afterwards for people to attend the main AvatarMeet.

- Assuring there is the proper gear to facilitate a group camping event.


As with all camping events during past AvatarMeets, transportation is not provided by the planning team, but instead it has always been voluntary. We would need to assure there will be proper transportation to and from the camping site for all interested attendees to be able to attend the camping event. This would require enough attendees with cars, as well as the willingness of drivers to help bring other attendees without transportation from the airport to the camping site, and then back to the hotel in Vancouver for the main AvatarMeet. Also, there would need to be someone with transportation willing to help gather food and supplies the day before the camping event as well.

Personal gear:

As with any camping event in the past, attendees would be responsible for bringing their own basic gear for camping. Some of these items include: a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad and proper clothing for the conditions. Hiking boots or other sturdy footwear are suggested if there is to be any hiking available for the group to do. A backpack would be another optional item that some people might want for day trips on a trail or other sightseeing that may be available as well. These items are not provided by the planning team and people who are interested in a camping event would have to bring these items for their own personal use.

Group gear:

Gear needed to facilitate a group camping event would be items such as: a cooking stove or stoves (depending on the number of attendees), pots and pans for preparing group meals, cooking utensils, a large cooler or two large coolers (again, depending on the number of attendees), large water jugs for drinking and for washing up, a wash bin for washing dishes, at least one lantern, etc. Again, these items are not supplied by the planning team and would need to be brought to the meet to facilitate a group camping event. These items have always been voluntarily supplied by attendees to help make the camping events possible. Unfortunately, it always seemed to be easy in the past because we were so VERY fortunate to have a past attendee graciously bring all these items every year for the camping events, which made having to gather all these items for the camping event a non-issue. However, the last camping event we had was in 2015 and the attendee that normally supplied these items will not be attending this year's meet, as far as I know. So the thing that would need to be discussed is how do we get these items together for the meet? The main issue is that it is actually difficult to bring these items to the meet unless people have everything that is needed, and the other issue is physically being able to bring these items to the camping event. Many of us fly in, so it makes it very difficult for people to bring items like stoves, coolers, and pots and pans in their luggage on a plane with them to bring to the event. So what will have to be discussed is, of the people interested, would you have any of the needed gear, and do you have a way to bring it with you to help make a group camping event possible?

So to recap, things that will need to be discusses will be:

- Transportation: who will have transportation, and who is willing to help attendees with transportation to and from the event. As well as who can be a volunteer with transportation the day before the start of the camping event to help gather food and supplies.

- Group camping gear: are any attendees able to bring the items listed in blue above? These items will be needed to facilitate a group camping event this year. A more detailed list may be provided in the future, but those are the main items that would be needed.

However, with all that said, this doesn't mean that a camping event is not possible. The camping events are always a challenge to plan for a group of people, but if we work together to see what we can do to help make it happen, we can make it happen. ;) Please feel free to constructively discuss below anything you feel you may be able to do to help facilitate a camping event at this year's meet. Irayo and let's get started! :)


Well I do have a tent, boots, cloths, and sleeping pad and a water container, but sadly being as I don't drive and am from the us flying in I am limited as to what I could bring, but I will always hope for the best :) and no matter what ends up happening it will be cool to see some of my eylan  in Vancouver this September :).