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Started by Toruk Makto, May 21, 2018, 03:21:08 PM

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Toruk Makto

 With the North America AM2018 in Canada this year, there will be a few things that folks that haven't traveled internationally (like most US folks?) need to start pondering. Things like getting a passport (I plan to get on that in the next few weeks).

What would be some other suggestions and considerations along that line for this year?


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Asking the hotel about the hotels exchange rate( I have read that some hotels use their own in house exchange rate( that is to the hotels advantage, and not the 'official rate') and that even if you are paying with a card, they will calculate that exchange rate in the total bill( so possibly seeing if it might be better to pay in advance if possible for a room once you get a quote?) that is something that I have been thinking about.


I think you can make a list of things to check up before travelling. Here is a non-exhaustive list:

- Expiration of your passport (6 months ahead on the last day of your trip)
- Copies of your passport (one at home, one with you)
- Sufficient money (for emergencies and souvenirs)
- Clothes and hygiene products sufficient for the period
- Check your electronic devices to see if they are working, check recently bought devices to make sure of the compatibility
- A working backup of EVERYTHING
- Some insurance covering the entire period of the trip

To pass through the customs fastly:

- Don't bring food or declare it automatically. Make sure it's not water, fruits, vegetables, meat, etc. Anyway there will be food on the other side.
- Declare everything accurately. A false yes is better than a false no in case of doubt or vice versa depending on the context.
- The customs officers are not rough, only serious. If you're OK, you're OK.
- I've already been told to avoid contact with drugs. This usually means to not meet people who do them before the trip and perhaps wash eveything that could have been in contact.
- If it rings, stay calm and listen to the officer. It doesn't mean you are faulty.

I guess some people have already gone through similar processes, but these are things to expect in an international travel. There are other good resources on the net if you are interested.
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As Linda Smith said on AM's Facebook page: Find out weight requirements for luggage.
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Whole Europe have similar voltage standard (220-240V, 50hz) and almost every country use same AC plugs & sockets (only UK have different plugs). IMHO this line can be removed from Your list. But I have more points to add, related to meetup dates:

- Beware of Halloween (last day of meetup). Who wanna cosplay that night?  :P
- Take care of DST change (wiki). Your phone should handle this but wrist watch may not.
- Get EHIC (wiki) regardless of Your insurance.
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