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Started by Alan, January 13, 2019, 02:01:47 PM

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Kaltxì ma frapo,

Below are the results from the AvatarMeet 2019 Survey:

Question 1:
Over the past years there have been one main AvatarMeet up, located in North America for the most part.  However, there have also been mini-meets on a few occasions.  What is your preference for attending a meet up in 2019?  Would you prefer one main meet up or a number of separate mini-meets that would be geographically dispersed?

One Large Meet Up:  28.6%  8
Multiple mini-meets:   7.1%   2
Both:                         64.3%  18

Question 2:
A number of suggestions have been put forward for a meet ups, which of the following would be your preference for a meet up?

Mainland Europe - to see Toruk - The First Flight (Before June 2019).                  24%  6
UK, London or Manchester - to see Toruk - The First Flight (June 2019).              20%  5
US, Hocking Hills, Ohio - for outdoor activities and visiting a national forest.        12%  3
US, Pandora - The World of Avatar, Florida - A return visit to the theme park.      44%  11

"Louisiana cause I live here"
"A return to Pittsburgh would be a nice way to awaken their fandom. From living in the area, the fandom has fallen silent at the moment."
"WOP would be my preference, if all were well. But, because of my employment situation, if I can attend a meetup at all, it will have to be within driving distance of Reno, Nevada."
"We will need two meetups again: Europe, where I prefer Munich and the US. I know too many Europeans that aren't able to travel to the US."
"US, somewhat up in the high plains or northern Rockies areas. These places haven't seen attention yet."
"Either Toruk show would be preferable."
"I would be happy with a meetup seeing Toruk in Mainland or London ...... or a meetup in US, Pandora The World of Avatar in Florida The good thing about Avatar World in Florida is there are more Avatar-themed "distractions" ."

Question 3:
What month would be the best time for you to attend a a meet up?

20 had no preference

"Warm summer. "
"Summer, doesn't matter when."
"June / July"
"Anytime after May to give work notice, and to find good flights."
"june or july"
"May through August "
"I would be fine with a meetup in the summer (June through August) or in the Autumn (October through beginning of November)."
"Any time in the summer. "
"I would prefer some time in the fall so I would have more time to save money for the event."

Question 4:
Would you like to celebrate AvatarDay's 10th anniversary on August 21?

No   26.9%   7
Yes  73.1%  19

"After all, it isn't every day a convention-worthy, current highest-grossing, and mystical film has an anniversary. Some activities may include nature walks, park cleanings, and tree planting to make our planet more like Pandora... plus maybe a bit of cosplay and face paintings of course."
"I can't visit US. Are there any meetup planned in Europe?"
"This might be fun to celebrate with mini meetups, such as in the USA California Bay area, Berlin, Toronto, etc. "
"Visiting Lightstorm and watch Avatar together with the production team. :D "
"We could send videos to Lightstorm of ourselves again, this time to show our support for the franchise, it's message and say Irayo for this cinematic journey, also if there is a larger meet, meeting during the date would be cool, although it might be hot on Pandora in August."
"I would love to go to the meet! Otherwise, and organized celebration of somekind, maybe an organized watch party, would be fun!"
"Have no idea really about anything specific. Maybe doing some type of outdoor activity/volunteer activity for the environment, and/or a special viewing of Avatar somewhere (?)"
"I would selfishly suggest Pandora at Disney for the celebration, both because the park may do something anyway and because I would be actually able to attend."
"I would like that if we could tie in more Avatar-related events."

Question 5:
If your preference for a meet up or a mini-meet is chosen, would you be willing to help organise the event as part of a team?

Yes, would love to!                                 25.9%  7
Maybe, if I knew what was required.     44.5%  12
No, I'm not able to.                                29.6%   8

"Nothing specific. But I have helped organize two sucessful events, plus an annual convention. "
"Aging 5 years in 6 weeks for organising the Cologne meetup in 2018. "
"I've done some activity planning in the past as well as some logistics planning. "
"I'm quite knowledgeable about some places up here in the high plains and Northern Rockies."
"I live in Florida and can help coordinate things at Disney, pick up people in need of transportation, and even host at my apartment if necessary. "
"I used to be one very small part of a team that organized annual conventions for 10,000 attendees ..... many years ago."
"I am local in a possible place of meetup (Toruk show in Prague)"

So there are the results.

It seems there is a desire for both big meet ups and mini-meets.  That means that all the suggestions, and more, could happen.  Review and consider the results.  Feel free to step forward anyone who would like to help organise one or more of the meet ups and lets celebrate 10 years of Avatar.



As pointed out on the Facebook group, summer would be a bad season to go to Disney. It also coincides with the time people take their vacations.  :-\
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We'd have to plan that a little bit weirdly, since the times of vacation for many also coincide with peak Disney times  ;D

However, since Galaxy's Edge doesn't open until late Fall, there may be a small drop due to people waiting to go then. Also, I just checked and my school starts back up about a week before Avatar Day, so if we went then it may actually be not too busy. :-\


Srane.  It seems that the best time to go will be the September October time as someone has pointed out.



For the people that want to do Pandora, I guess it comes up to how many people that want to go have schedules that limit them to summer( through August), and how many can or want to go later in the fall. For me personally I would try summer as I think I can handle the heat, BUT weather wise October would be Ideal( really November, but then you start to run the risks of early "winter" colds and illneses, and also, the star wars attraction may acually make Pandora busier since there will likely be overcrowding and people having to be turned away from the star wars area and then having to go to the other areas including Pandora). There are some things that would make a summer(August?) trip cool, which would be the chance of lining it up with the 10th anniversary of Avatar day, and that is also near August 24th ;) the thing though for summer though is it will be HOT, likely busy( lots of standing in line with heat indecies over 100F with crowds of people) so if there are people who are not accustomed to that kind of weather it could be an issue. Also in the summer and early fall there is always the chance of being unlucky and having a tropical cyclone mess things up( Disney has actually only been closed a handfull of days in history due to Hurricanes, but it is something that "can" happen, also even without a hurricane, summer is the wet season in Florida so there tend to be lots of downpours and rainstorms in the summer. So I guess if we want to do Pandora, or those that do, should try to decide what is the best or most wanted week between all the members that want to go.


Personally, I'm in favor of August because of scheduling and the like.  I'd like to line it up with Avatar day too, but I suppose that's more of a minor point.  If we did October, I personally wouldn't be able to commit to anything until around the end of August, as I won't know my class schedules or anything.

Also, Disney's doing a free dining plan promotion in August, which honestly might make it worth the August trip in and of itself.  Not sure on the stipulations there, but thought I'd throw that out for consideration.  Not sure if that applies to groups, but if so we may be able to do a group reservation of some kind and make the tickets cheaper per person.


For me I am open pretty much from the summer through the very beginning for November, I think that the heat would be annoying but I could deal with it,  maybe there could be a poll of people who are considering Pandora to see what everyone is thinking and what thier limits are, for example maybe have a 12 or 15? week window beginning in the summer and going into the fall and then have people vote on their "favorite week" and comment on what weeks they think are off limits to them and see where we are at? I am also still seeing if I might be able to make Manchester for Toruk which would be cool, and if I did do that then I would be off the Pandora list, BUT that would be in June and I don't know if I am going to be able to do it financially, or if there is going to be a mini meet for that as of yet, as for now I feel like there is an 90 percent chance I will be trying for Pandora, and about a 10 that I will be trying for the UK.