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Started by Alan, January 27, 2019, 09:21:39 AM

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Kaltxì ma frapo,

Is anyone interested in an AvatarMiniMeet in Manchester sometime between 20th and 23rd June to see Toruk: The First Flight?

There are still quite a number of seats available ranging from £57 to £160 depending on seat and if you want the VIP experience.

Manchester is more or less in the middle of the UK, although it is known as 'the north'!  Go figure.  For any 'eylan overseas, it has it's own international airport, which is 20 minutes away on the train.  There are also good rail links and a tram/metro system to get around.  Manchester is also not from places like Liverpool, Leeds and York.  It is also next door to the Pennines, which is hiking country.

If you are interested post here in the next week and we can see what we can do. Irayo :)



I'd be interested, pending an idea of the total pricing for a trip there from the US.  I'd love to have a chance to see Toruk and see a bit of the UK in the process.


Irayo ma Txawey for your reply.  I'll look into the costs and report back.



If I think I can pull it off financially I still would def. look into it, it would be my first trip out of North America. and Toruk is an awesome show.


Well, lets take a look at the possibilities.  :D

Below is a bit of research I have done to help folks work out the likely costs:

Toruk The First Flight - £57 to £165 ($74 to $215)

Daily Food/sundry costs -  £30 per day-ish ($40)

Travel to and from Airport:
Cost is about £5.40 ($8) one way.  Takes about 20 minutes to Manchester Piccadilly Station.
Website: https://www.manchesterairport.co.uk/getting-to-and-from/

Tram Network:
One day travel card cost £2.60 ($3.40)
Website: https://tfgm.com/public-transport/tram/network-map

Some free places to visit in Manchester:
•   Manchester Museum of Science and Industry – Free https://www.scienceandindustrymuseum.org.uk/)
•   Manchester Art Gallery – Free (http://manchesterartgallery.org/)
•      The John Rylands Library – Free (https://www.library.manchester.ac.uk/rylands/)

Further afield:
East Lancashire Railway at Bury – a Trip through the Lancashire country side (http://www.eastlancsrailway.org.uk/)  £16
Liverpool – between £10 ($13) and £29 ($38) return depending on time of day
Hiking in Derbyshire (the county next door)  - about £24 ($32) return on the train. (https://www.visitpeakdistrict.com/)

All the following hotels are located in Manchester city centre near the arena where Toruk will be showing
Travelodge Manchester Central Arena:
(https://www.travelodge.co.uk/hotels/524/Manchester-Central-Arena-hotel?utm_source=google&utm_medium=GHA_Organic&utm_campaign=GHA_Manchester%20Central%20Arena&WT.tsrc=GHA_Organic)  Works out at about £84 ($110) per night or £42 ($55) per night per person if sharing a room includes breakfast + Wifi

Park Inn by Radisson:
(https://www.parkinn.co.uk/hotel-manchester/?facilitatorId=CSOSEO&csref=org_gmb_pd_en_sn_ho_MANPC) Works out at £144 ($189) per night or £72 ($95) if sharing.

Premier Inn:
Works out at £72.60 ($95) per night or £36.30 ($48) if sharing.  Breakfast is extra, but Wifi included.

Holiday Inn:
Work out as £108 ($142) per night or £54 ($71) is sharing.  Breakfast and WIFI included.

Hopefully that will give folks an idea of the likely cost for visiting.  There are a lot more things to do in and around Manchester for which you can find more information here:

There are also some other possibilities:
- Only stay in Manchester for a short time and then go and explore Derbyshire, maybe even visit Nottingham.
- Watch Toruk in Manchester on the last night and then follow the circus down to London and watch it again there!

Hope the above is useful information to help with deciding if you want to come over.



Irayo nìtxan ma tsmukan! I will def. be adding some of these numbers up, it would be so awesome if I could make it :)


It would be great if you could make it ma tsmukan :D



Had a fun time in our UK mini meet, and it was an honor to be there at the final showing of Toruk:The First Flight.


Hmm I put four attachments and only one showed :/ lol