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Toruk Makto:
Greetings, ma frapo!

  This is the forum board for AvatarMeet(s) 2020. Information will be presented here as plans for meetups progress, so check back often!


Way back in 2011, I hosted an Avatar Meet in Toronto for the members of the (now defunct) NaviBlue fan site. Toronto is about a 1.5hr drive from Niagara Falls, but I currently live in Hamilton, ON which is about 35min from the Falls. The Meet was in the summer (it's Canada, you want to come in the summer ;D )and we went to Niagara Falls, to Canada's Wonderland (a large amusement park with some of the biggest roller coasters in the world) and as luck had it, we got to see the Avatar re-release in The Cinesphere - the worlds first permanent IMAX theatre (IMAX is a Canadian invention!). I happen to work for a large film & TV post production facility, so I gave everyone a tour of the post production process (foley, ADR, sound mix, etc) and we watched the Avatar deleted scenes on the big screen in one of the colour grading theatres. The facility is also home to one of only 2 IMAX sound mixing theatres in North America, and the added scenes for the Avatar re-release were actually sound mixed here (I was working one floor above the theatre and going nuts that I couldn't sit in on the sound mix - I work editorial, not sound, and of course security is tight). It's hard to beat a Meetup at Lightstorm or Pandora (although ma muntxante and I couldn't go to the Lightstorm Meet, so another Meet there would be awesome). If no one comes up with any better places for the 2020 meet, how about Toronto? If we could somehow contact Jon Landau to give the OK for us to screen Avatar at my work (I'd have to go through official channels for it, but who would say no to Jon?), it would be awesome to watch it in the IMAX mixing theatre where parts of the film were actually sound mixed (no promises, but worth a shot).  If that didn't work out, there are a few independent theatres in Hamilton that I could rent for a private screening.  American visitors also get the benefit of an extra 30-35% exchange rate on the dollar. I know it's early, just putting that idea out there.

Toruk Makto:
Hey NT,

  You know, we tried a Canadian meetup a couple of years ago that didn't really work out. I'm guessing it was due to the international travel issue and passports for US participants, or something.  Although I'd like to attempt a northern meetup again at some point (it is gorgeous up there), I am really pushing for a US event for this year since we haven't had a big one since Orlando in 2017.  The 10th anniversary has brought some attention back to Avatar that I would like to capitalize on for AvatarMeet 2020.  I'd love to see the entire fan community back together (with as many new friends as we can get!) for a single event as the penultimate meetup before the sequel year.  It is, of course, the will of the community as to where we go (and when), so we'll see how things work out.

  I am going to wait until after the holidays before trying to really motivate the planning for the 2020 meet, so stay tuned.  Additionally, although I defer to the other planners that have historically been in on setting things up, I think anyone else that would like to jump in and assist in the planning of the 2020 event is most welcome in my book. :D


We were unable to go to the Lightstorm meetup, so if they would have the Avatarmeet back at Lightstorm again we would definitely be going!

Yeah we did organise a meet up in Canada in 2018.  Four of us ended up in Toronto.  It was easy to get to (two of us went by train from New York).  We also did some volunteering at an old Brickworks that had been made into a nature reserve.  We also when onto the island just of Toronto.  There is actually a lot to see and do in Toronto and whilst it looks the same as an US city (well to me from the UK), the vibe of street cars, bikes and accessibility was distinctly Canadian.  I recall the sidewalks feeling more busy that the roads!

I think it would be good for folks to visit Canada.  I know there is a passport thing to consider, but with enough time, it may well be doable for people.

I'm still perfectly ok with it being in the US too.  The only thing I really hold dear is making it accessible to everyone.  That includes those without a car.  I mean, Avatar is about environmental awareness too. :)

Below is a shopping list of things we have done in the past:

    Visit related museums – Native American Museum, science and natural history museums
    Go on day field trips – hiking, trips to the coast, cave visits
    Avatar Connection – Avatar exhibitions, Disney Pandora, Cirque du Soleil Toruk – The First Flight
    Showing of Avatar in the best possible way we can achieve
    Na’vi Lesson – for which we are indebted to Paul for providing these
    Cosplay - for those who want to do that and normally make a full day of it
    Na'vi craft - undertake craft activities, such as making Na'vi jewlery and clothing items
    Volunteering activity – usually habitat rehabilitation at a local nature reserve, but it would be great if this could be with a community group in the future.

Duration tends to vary and sometimes includes a 'pre-meet', such as hiking of site seeing prior to the main event.  Normally it is arrive on a Wednesday and depart on a Sunday.  Again this is flexible to suit the attendees.



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