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2 Boys

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VERY short question:
2 boys: "mevang" ??? ???

Tirea Aean:
meveng = children (2)
mevengan = boys (2)

Two boys - you can say also: munea 'evengan or 'evengan amune :)

Srane, what Toliman and Tirea said.  :) I love your shoulder ikran by the way, ma Kyttin.  ;) :ikran:

Irayo, Lynxcat! I, in fact have THREE; they keep me *Very* busy!!! Lol! I have to take them for daily walks (at least it gets me walking- though I usually only manage two per day) cuz, well, just lemme tell ya, you do NOT wanna deal with 3 lively ikrans (pxikrans ?) cooped up in a small house day after day!! Lol!
You don't walk them regularly, they get up to...Mischief!


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