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Greetings and Welcome!

If you are reading this, you probably want to be "One of the People" and maybe you are excited enough to wish to learn the language you have heard in the movie. You are in the right place to start! You are also not alone, there are many other beginners here. Our community has very helpful members who would like to encourage and assist you in learning Na'vi.

Where should you start? Right here, in this beginner forum!  You may want to get some learning materials before you start posting. You can get them here in this thread or from the website. Check out this board to get some more materials to study. Don't be surprised about the amount of learning materials you will see there. The large amount of resources are there to provide the most suitable material for each learner. Pick out those materials you think will help you best. These tips from this topic could be a good start for you. If you prefer to get information from a wiki, feel free to read the LearnNa'vi Wikipedia.

Please, do not hesitate to ask if you have questions or if something is not clear. Before you start a completely new topic, use the search function of the forum, because your question may have already been answered. Also it is helpful to explore the beginner boards first. Maybe you will see a suitable topic where you can post your question. Also take a look in the FAQ thread and check if it would be sufficient to post your question there. Beware of very old topics. They could contain outdated or incorrect information.

Beginner Forum Etiquette

The following etiquette is intended to keep the whole beginner section organized, friendly and comfortable for everyone. Additionally, the general forum guideline applies. Please, keep discussions friendly and positive, be respectful and polite to everyone, especially newcomers.
Generally, if you have a question and you are going to create a new topic, please try to create new topics in the board with the related subjects. There are five boards with specific board subjects. For example, the board for Vocab and Phrases. If you are not sure where to post, simply PM a local moderator or one of the staff to get help.

The Boards

As mentioned, there are five boards with specific board subjects:
The first one, the Beginner board - this is the main board you are seeing. Post in this board if you have something that does not fit in any other child boards.

* Vocab / Phrases - Word discussions go here, as do phrases and sentences.
* Syntax / Grammar - How the words all fit together. Information about the grammar rules of the Na'vi language.
* Pronunciation / Phonetics - How to speak Na'vi. Find the sound of the Na'vi words and letters here.
* Prefixes, Infixes and Suffixes - Because they are confusing. Get answers here
* nìNa'vi Practice Conversations - Create your own practice conversation threads on your own topics.
If you are confident to have a little chat in Na'vi, join the Pivängkxo nìNa'vi Ko! Beginner Na'vi Chat Thread!
Finally, just take a look at some stickied threads inside each childboard. They could be useful for you.

Seiyi Irayo!


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