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Tutee A-nawm:
I just made this guideline(?) for my process:

I'll start with number 1 and 2 at the same time. When I've learnt the alphabet, I'll proceed with number 2, till I feel ready to move on.

1: Learn to pronounce and memorize the alphabet.

2: Learn 8 random words every 3rd day. Picked from different categories.
 - How to pronounce it.
 - How to write it (with no 'cheating').
 - Be comfortable with it.
 - Maybe use it in everyday life.

3: Make easy sentences when I've got enough words.

4: Learn grammar and rules for making a correct sentence in Na'vi.

I'm using a notebook, to write down my progress. That way i wont lose a day, or forget what I learned before.
When I have to write something down many times, I'll use a blank sheet of paper.
I also write down how to pronounce the word, so I wont doubt it..

And of cause I'll use various videos, articles and posts in here in my learning process...

Does this sound like a good idea? And would you use it?

I can't believe I am actually learning a new language. I have found that from just reading the forums, I have already picked up a few words. I guess now that I have the pronunciation down a little, (reading peoples posts) I just need to know what the words mean. Like when a child grows up, he hears the words from the people around him but doesn't know what they mean until later. I also really need to learn the grammer. Irayo, Eywa ngahu.

EywayƤ Nantang:
For a person who learns best by listening, would finding videos be best? I will look at the videos here,but i would love to hear more of the words ??? :-\


There we have all the Na'vi dialogues from the movie (in the audio section) :)

EywayƤ Nantang:
Irayo ;D


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