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best way to start lerning na'vi

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EywayƤ mokri:
I am always beginning with learning the grammar structure. Then analyzing sentences, trying to see what is what and how it works. Then creating short to long sentences. :)

txum tukru:
can you speak it? i am starting by saying words.. should i also practice writing it?

EywayƤ mokri:
You should better start writing than speaking. :) Well it's my opinion. Or well, writing short sentences and then trying to say them. :) Pay attention to the pronunciation then. ;)

txum tukru:
its what ive been doing, so far ive replaced hello, yes, no, thank you, good night and goodbye with na'vi wile talking, and can now spell them and say them without looking at palm cards, but cant write or say sentences.

Very Good pointers, I am also struggling with where to begin. TY

Hoping to be posting in both soon.... wanted to for my first post - lol Right !!!


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