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      (sorry for my bad english)   i have been trying to learn to speak na'vi for a almost a day now, dont think im making any progres in it. but i was wondering what's the best way to start lerning na'vi in, is the best way to learn na'vi by learing to speak it first or reed and wright it????

I guess we are all going with what works better for us, however if you learn the grammar rules and the words and can type them without help, you should be able to start pronouncing them by a least a week. most of us can barely say Irayo=thank you half right. A good method to learn it is to read the words you want to learn in sequence, then write them in sequence and play audio of the word, repeat process until you mimic them perfectly.

I'm doing like this

-> understand basic grammar and phonetics
-> now i'm going to memorize some words and keep studing the grammar to memorize it too
-> write down some sentences to use the grammar you lerned and help memorizing the vocabulary

But here are some usefull links:

The home site has basically anything you need to start. But I'll give you some "direct directions".

The Compendium has resumed information that may be helpfull.

This one helped me a lot. I based myself on it for a lot of stuff.

But I still didn't know all those linguistic terms and was lost (and english is not my mother language.. Idk that stuff even in portuguese! hahahaha)
So I found explanation here

About phonetics, you have explanations here,
but you can also see these videos, and come here for some audio files.

Na'vi Lesson 1: Vowels and Ejectives

To end, you have 2 amazing download sections, that have some documents I told you and a bit more stuff :)


Of course, you don't need to read all of than in one day like crazy, because you will be lost. Just keep than in mind as resource during your studies, when you are not sure about something, etc.

Hope I could help you, and don't give up! :)

Eywa ngahu.

will try that, thanks ^^

I'm just starting out in Na'vi too, but I have studied other languages. What I would recommend is memorize some very basic verbs and nouns and the pronunciation (for Westerners pronunciation can be very hard initially but keep going, after only a short while you should get the hang of it) and use that as a base to learn the most basic grammar. Don't try to memorize it all at once because it's a lot of information. Your goal should be, at first, only to speak like a toddler.


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