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Links to useful learning materials - II
This is a newer thread for the beginners with a better look and some actual links and learning stuff - Enjoy!
Here is the old thread.

Please reply to this thread if you know of any documents that are missing and should be added. It will help keeping this thread up-to-date.

Table of Contents

* Na’vi Dictionary
* Special Dictionary
* Printable Na'vi Flashcards
* Online Dictionary
* Na'vi - English Babylon dictionary
* The Na’vi Frequency Dictionary
* Na’vi Language References
* NeotrekkerZ’ “Na’vi in a Nutshell”
* “Na’vi Fpi Ayskxawng” (Na’vi For Dummies) en Français
* Краткое руководство по грамматике языка Na'vi (Säfyawìntxu lì'fyayä leNa'vi)
* Na'vi for beginners
* Useful and short grammar sheets
* Na'vi Affixes
* Na’vi Alphabet
* Na'viteri
* Audio and Video Learning Materials for Na’vi
* Na’vi Number System
* jMemorize Wordlist
* Na'vi Memrise Courses
* Garmin Audio Plugin
* Learn Na'vi Wiki
* Noun declension tool
* Useful Links
* Typing special characters
* Other Methods

Na’vi Dictionary ↑

Here is the definitive Na’vi Dictionary, translated into several languages. Please note that
most of these dictionaries are updated frequently. Make sure you have the latest version
by checking back here often! --> Official Na'vi Dictionary Thread

EnglishNa’vi / English   Sorted in Na’vi   Frequent updatesEnglish / Na’viSorted in English Definitive Na’vi DictionaryNa’vi / EnglishSorted by category in Na’vi English / Na’viConcise Version (no appendices) DeutschDeutsch / Na’viTranslated by NawmaritieFrequent updates(German)Na’vi / Deutschand Plumps РусскийРусский / Na’viAuthors: Atantsawkeyä, avb2008, Night RaiderFrequent updates(Russian)Na’vi / РусскийTranslated/Updated by baritone> Russian thread <Eesti Na’vi / EestiTranslated by KalaKuivalIrregular updates(Estonian)Essti / Na’vi PortuguêsNa’vi / PortuguêsTranslated by Arthur SousaWarning: This(Portuguese)Português / Na’vi is a very old versionRomânNa’vi / RomânTranslated by TìtstewanAttention: (Romanian)Român / Na’vi Under construction!SvenskaNa’vi / SvenskaTranslated by Le’eylanWarning: (Swedish)Svenska / Na’vi Broken files!Magyar Na’vi / MagyarTranslated by Kifkeyä NariFrequent updates(Hungarian)Magyar / Na’viand P.A.’li makto FrançaisNa’vi / FrançaisTranslated by XellossFrequent updates(French) Version: V16aNederlands   Na’vi / Nederlands   Translated by PuvomunIrregular updates(Dutch)Nederlands / Na’viand Mìhìl Na’vi nì’awNa’vi / nìNa’vi alu 12.29 This version is not authoritative(Na’vi Only)as a learning resource!
Special Dictionary ↑

An Annotated Dictionary (Draft)   Version 151206Created by: PlumpsThread: An Annotated Dictionary (Draft)
Colloqual Dictionary   Contains a list of words wich is used colloqually. Version: 1.1Created by: Tìtstewan   Thread: Is a "mini-dictionary" of all short form and colloqual words of Na'vi desirable?
Printable Na'vi Flashcards ↑

NaviVocabularyPrintableFlashcardsNoIntro.pdf   It was made with the Learn Na'vi Dictionary 13.02 published on November 2nd 2013Created by: Sarah Noel   Thread: Printable Na'vi Flashcards
Online Dictionary ↑

Here is of course an online dictionary available:
Dict-Na'vi.com by Tukan

Available languages:

* English by Plumps
* Deutsch (German) by Plumps
* Français (French) by Vawmataw
* Magyarul (Hungarian) by P.A.'li makto
* Nederlands (Dutch) by Puvomun
* Česky (Czech) by Blue Elf
* Português (Portugese) by Rafael Vieira
* Român (Romanian) by Tìtstewan
* Русский (Russian) by baritone
* Polski (Polish) by ??
* Na'vi by PlumpsFound a mistake or a bug? Report them there: Dict-na'vi.com report. :)

Na'vi - English Babylon dictionary ↑

Na'vi - English Babylon dictionary by Lance R. Casey

The Na’vi Frequency Dictionary ↑

A very useful dictionary that shows the most used Na'vi words created by Tìtstewan.

More materials are available in the Download tab.

Thread: The Na’vi Frequency Dictionary

Na’vi Language References ↑

Wm. Annis’ “Reference Grammar of Na’vi” & “Cheat Sheet”
(with additional translations)

Reference Grammar of Na’viVersion: 1.21, Updated:Created by: June 2, 2013 Wm. Annis Podrecznik referencyjny gramatyki jezyka Na’viFrequent UpdatesTranslated by:TängalEin Nachschlagewerk zur Grammatik des Na’viFrequent UpdatesTranslated by:Olaf MartensNa’vi Grammar Cheat SheetVersion: 1.2, Updated:Created by: January 4, 2011Wm. AnnisCheat Sheet / PortuguêsVersion: 1.1, Updated:Translated by: August 18, 2010Artur SousaCheat Sheet / DeutschVersion: 1.1, Updated:Translated by: August 24, 2010Plumps
Thread: Na'vi Reference Grammar

NeotrekkerZ’ “Na’vi in a Nutshell” (with additional translations) ↑

Na’vi in a Nutshell   Version: 2.8,   Created by:Updated: May 19, 2011NeotrekkerZNiaN / EestiVersion: 2.5,Translated by: Updated: December 6, 2010KalaKuivalNiaN / PortuguêsVersion: 2.5,Translated by: Updated: December 6, 2010Artur SousaNiaN / DeutschVersion: 2.6,Translated by: Updated: December 24, 2010Plumps
Thread: Na'vi in a Nutshell

“Na’vi Fpi Ayskxawng” (Na’vi For Dummies) en Français ↑

Na’vi for Dummies / Français   Version: 16aI H-P, (43MB)   Created by: Updated: March 31, 2015Xelloss
Thread: -= Le Na'vi pour les Nuls =- (Le premier livre officiellement non-officiel....)

Краткое руководство по грамматике языка Na'vi (Säfyawìntxu lì'fyayä leNa'vi) ↑

Säfyawìntxu lì'fyayä leNa'vi / Russian   Frequent Updates   Created by: -Kemaweyan
Thread: Руководство по грамматике На'ви

Na'vi for beginners ↑

Na'vi for beginnersCreated by MIPP
Thread: Na'vi for beginners

Useful and short grammar sheets ↑
Prepared by 'Eylan Ayfalulukanä, edited by Tirea Aean

The Na'vi Noun       Ver 1.1
1-15-2013The Na'vi VerbVer 4.1

Na'vi Affixes ↑

Easy Guide to Na'vi Prefixes, Infixes, and Suffixes II

Check out this great affix guide Easy Guide to Na'vi Prefixes, Infixes, and Suffixes II by Tirea Aean!
A file is also available: Download
This guide is also in German available: Leitfaden zu Na'vi Präfixen, Infixen, und Suffixen with a included file: Download
both files compiled by Tìtstewan

Quick reference chart on all the Na'vi infixes. Available in different sizes.

Na'vi Infix Chart   .PNG File   Created by: Nyx
Thread: My infix chart

Na’vi Alphabet ↑

Here is a guide on the Na’vi alphabet and how to pronounce things.

Na’vi Alphabet   Version 1,   Created by:EnglishDecember 26, 2009Eywa Mokriyä and SkxawngNa’vi Alphabet   Version 1,   Translated by:Français---- --, --Kifkeyit ftiayuNa’vi Alphabet   Version 1,   Translated by:Português---- --, --MIPP

Na'viteri ↑

Na'viteri - The Official Place for Upcoming new Vocabulary and Grammatical Rules

The official blog by the creator of the Na'vi language: Paul Frommer

The Na'viteri as file available below as HTML.

Na'viteri as HTML plus a content folder
>>> Download the HTML File <<<
total size of the .zip file: 51.2MB
Use the folder and the file together!

Created by: Tìtstewan - Frequent updates
Thread: Na'viteri Files as HTML

Na'viteri - All blogs linked

Take a look here if you want to read the posts of Na'viteri which are listed chronologically on this thread:
Na'viteri - All blogs linked Written by: Tìtstewan - Frequent updates

Also check out the LearnNa'vi forum board "Na'viteri - Frommer's blog" for new updates.  :)

Audio and Video Learning Materials for Na’vi ↑
by K. Pawl

This post gives you all the relevant links, files, and documents. I’ve divided it into two parts:
the videos of the class, and alternate audio recordings of the dialogs so you can hear different voices.
Na’vi lesson 101

Lu hasey! Videos of the Na’vi 102 class that it was my pleasure to teach at AvatarMeet 2013 in Shenandoah National Park
are now available on YouTube. Descriptions and links to the six videos are below.
Na’vi lesson 102

Spoiler: Na'vi lesson 103

Hand out
 - 101 Hand Out WA 2012
 - 102 Hand Out DC 2013
 - 103 Hand Out LA 2014

Lesson Podcast

Na'vi language lesson podcast by omängum fra'uti

Na’vi Number System ↑

Here is a guide on the Na’vi number system and how to count and build numbers.

Na’vi Number System / English   Version: 2.60,   Created by: Updated: April 4, 2014 TìtstewanDas Na’vi Zahlensystem / DeutschVersion: 2.60,Crated by: Updated: April 4, 2014 TìtstewanLe Système de Numération Na’vi / FrancaisVersion: 2.60a,Translated by: Updated: April 4, 2014 VawmatawСистема исчисления На’ви / РусскийVersion: 2.60,Translated by: Updated: April 4, 2014 Eana Yayo, Tan JalaA Na’vi Számok Rendszere / MagyarVersion: 2.60,Translated by: Updated: April 4, 2014 P.A.’li Makto Het Na’vi Getallenstelsel / DutchVersion: 2.60,Translated by: Updated: April 4, 2014 Eejmensenikbenhet Na’vijský Císelný Systém / CzechVersion: 2.60,Translated by: Updated: April 4, 2014 Hemmond
Na'vi Number System - Tables Available in many languages
Here you can find the Number Converter on LN.org!
Thread: The Na'vi Number System

jMemorize Wordlist ↑

A great (FREE) digital flash cards program is jMemorize. Once you have jMemorize installed,
go to File -> Import -> Tabular Separated Values. The download below is compiled from the
same active database as the Na’vi / English Dictionary above.

jMemorize Na’vi wordlists

English   TSV (Tabular Separated Values)Deutsch   TSV (Tabular Separated Values)Nederlands   TSV (Tabular Separated Values)Eesti   TSV (Tabular Separated Values)Português   TSV (Tabular Separated Values)Svenska   TSV (Tabular Separated Values)Magyar   TSV (Tabular Separated Values)

Na'vi Memrise Courses ↑

This course contains all the Na'vi vocabulary from the current Na'vi-English dictionary. It's also include audio materials!
Created by: Tirea Aean, Tsyalatun, und Palulukan Makto
Audio recordings by: Alyara Arati and Tsyalatun.

-> Na'vi Memrise Courses

A German version is available too!
Memrise German Translated by: Plumps

...see the next post. ;)

Garmin Audio Plugin ↑

Taronyu made recordings for a plugin that works on Garmin Satellite Navigation software. This plugin
was initially available freely on the Garmin website; however, it has since been taken down, and is no
longer available. As this is the case, we offer it here – this is the sole property of Fox and Garmin,
however, and all copyright and disclaimers should apply.

Garmin Na’vi Language Plugin   .VPM File   Details   

Learn Na'vi Wiki ↑

Growing database of the Na'vi knowledge, run by the community.
Learn Na'vi Wiki

Noun declension tool ↑

A little website that shows the declension of the Na'vi nouns. Now also for adjectives and verbs.
Noun declension tool    by Wllìm

Thread: Noun declension tool

Useful Links ↑

The Blog of Tirea Aean: Zola'u Nìprrte' | Welcome
The Project: Na'vi Word of the Day (Everywhere)
Pivängkxo nìNa'vi Ko! Beginner Na'vi Chat Thread
The Learning Resources on LearnNa'vi.org:

* Vocabulary
* Grammar
* Phonetics
* Phrases
* NumbersThe Project NgayNume
The Neytiri Project
The Audio Board
The Na'vi lesson podcast (English and German)
The Subboards of the Beginners Board:

* Vocab / Phrases
* Syntax / Grammar
* Pronunciation / Phonetics
* Prefixes, Infixes and Suffixes
* nìNa'vi Practice Conversations

Typing special characters  ↑

Usually the post editor has these two letters:

Other Methods ↑


The Alt key method does not work on Linux systems. There are two alternative methods for direct
input of Unicode characters in Linux:
    Hold [Ctrl+⇧] [Shift] and type [U] followed by the four hex digits. Then release [Ctrl] + [Shift].
    Enter [Ctrl+⇧] [Shift] + [U], then type the four hex digits, and press [↵ Enter].


If you use Windows, just type [Alt] + a number on Numpad.
    Ä = alt + 142
    ä = alt + 132
    Ì = alt + 0204
    ì = alt + 142


    Option + ` then press i   = ì
    Option + u then press a  = ä

More detailed information about typing characters:
How to type ì and ä with the Compose Key (in Windows and Linux!)

Na'vi Alphabet Keyboard
Tirea Aean's kxwerty keyboard   Windows / MacHacker's Keyboard ModKXWERTY for Android
Thread: The Na'vi "kxwerty" Keyboard Layout

Useful Links

Inputting International Characters in Windows - Windows
Inputting International Characters on the Mac - Mac

Eywa ayngahu!

Please reply to this thread if you know of any documents that are missing and should be added. It will help keeping this thread up-to-date.

Lastest edits:
Added some learning materials

I first just want to thank tsmuk Tìtstewan for the great work done revising and updating the original "Links to useful documents" thread. I for one will definitely give some karma for this great work.

We've unstickied the old thread, locked it, and provided links to this new thread. For anyone who has links to the old "Links to useful documents" thread around this forum or other parts of the internet, please update them now. Otherwise, please refer new and ongoing learners of the Na'vi language here to this new thread, rather than the old one.

Carry on. :)

Tirea Aean:
SWEET! Great work!

First of all: A big IRAYO to you both, ma Ftiafpi sì Tirea Aean! Also an Irayo (for creating and supporting the old thread) goes to tsmuk Eywayä mokri who is sadly no longer active here on LearnNavi.org.

--- Quote from: Ftiafpi on August 19, 2013, 10:14:01 pm ---For anyone who has links to the old "Links to useful documents" thread around this forum or other parts of the internet, please update them now.
--- End quote ---
Also I would like to mention: Please let me or a moderator know (by posting here or via PM) if you find outdated learning materials or links here! So I or a moderator can change it.

Carry on². :) ;D


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