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How should i go about all this?

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I'en Olo'eyktan:
Ive gone and taken notes on pretty much everything in the handbook and have looked at the grammar stuff a bit. So now I'm wondering... What is a good way to go about learning the stuff. I've talked to a couple of my friends how they were taught languages in school and I've gotten replies saying I should memorize all the Prefixes, Suffixes, Infixes, verb cases... stuff like that all before I even begin to try forming sentences. I partly agree, but I thing i should also use Na'vi words i know in conversation with friends or something and work on the vocabulary as well.

I'm just wondering if anyone has what they believe to be a good way to go about learning the basics of this language and start forming sentences, I'm not a very good self-teacher

Irayo! Consideration is much appreciated!

txum tukru:
check other topics in this section, a couple of people have already asked this.

Tskxäozì Ewaoe:
Skype chat is probably the best method.
You get most out of stuff from practical use.

Srereu Aynantanghu:
start with pronounciation, make sure you know how to pronounce each sound
then memorize as much vocab and affixes/particles etc that you can
doing so makes the next step a lot easier
once you are comfortable with a decent subset of words, you can start concentrating on how you put them together. It's a lot easier to read examples and practice if you already know the words, starting with grammatical rules then working your way back seems silly.

Just my two cents, anyway

Keep reading and Skype.


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