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Where to start learning Na'vi?
« on: August 17, 2016, 05:42:24 pm »
I think it's a question that is frequently asked/wondered about by the newcomers, where do we start?
With all the stuff you have to learn, like the words, the cases, the verb infixes, etc., it might seem to be a big, challenging mountain.
This thread is intended to answer that question. It's like a book of instructions, to guide the newcomers in their exploration of the language. This is only a suggestion of organization.

To beginners: You have all your time until the second movie comes out and the Na'vi hype comes again. Be patient, seek help and never give up. A list can help you to priorize the learning, no matter if you do it yourself or with a teacher.
I don't have advices for memorizing, but with patience, pratice and repetition you can do it.

1. The sounds and the letters
I think it's a good introductory activity when you want to learn a language. It's your first step into knowing how the language is made.
To help you:

2. The basic vocabulary
Start exploring the language. Learn the basic conversation and learn your first words (nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.) and their actual meaning. It will help you building your first sentences and talking with the members here.

You can use the dictionary, the list of vocabulary on Pandorapedia or, or you can try a memrise course if you have an account.

3. The basic grammar
You already have a good base in Na'vi. The grammar is probably a tougher part, but let's start with the base. You will  learn how to make a right sentence in Na'vi. Build your first simple sentences, then add more to develop your basic Na'vi. There is a lot of resources, including the beginners' board and its child boards, Tirea Aean's blog and the website of LearnNa'vi.

4. More vocabulary
Now that you have your basic Na'vi, widen your field of knowledge in the Na'vi language. More vocabulary, more sentences are more discussions. You can already have some conversations with the people and improve your Na'vi with your mistakes.

5. Usage of the words
This is about the way you speak Na'vi. The golden rule is: Translate the meaning, not the words. You will learn to prefer a way rather than a more literal one (ex. oe 'efu nitram instead of oe lu lefpom). You will learn to explain your ideas with limited words. Steps 5 and 6 are really a deep exploration of the language.

6. More grammar
This is your transition from beginner to an intermediate speaker. Read more resources, understand more structures like numbers, verb infixes and all the stuff.
This thread is for you:

It's not for the beginners, but if you want to go deep into detail and be proficient once you've reached a certain level, the Horen leNa'vi contains all the rules of the language. You may as well practise and learn from your tries and mistakes.

Lessons, teaching, etc.
This list is not intended to the autodidact people only. If you have a teacher or if you're attending Na'vi lessons, you can suggest things to the teacher following the list or use another order of learning.

Also, I want to add a step 0: Know yourself. There are many ways of learning that might work or not for you. Knowing your way will help you learning at your best. Also, request help to find what you need.
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Re: How to start learning Na'vi?
« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2016, 07:56:05 am »
Nota bene: Tìtstewan found Kemaweyan's advices about learning Na'vi:
That thread is complementary with this one here. It gives you information on how to study, while this thread here gives you the steps of learning the language.
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