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That is a really good idea.  Then as soon as it fills up, you can look back on how "bad" you where, and smile.

Tengfya swizaw:
Kxawm srane.

Lehrrap Uniltìranyu:
Lehrrap Uniltíratokx
Journal, Day 1
Oe am writing fí journal mí hopes ne nume ne plltxe Na’vi.
Writing mí Na’vi is tskxe. Slä Oe am nume…

Oel nagati kameie.

Here’s hoping. I’ll learn fast enough… maybe.

Short journal for today (might as well post them here.)

Lots of words missing...  :-\ But I think I did ok spelling that out. ((Mixed up my x and my e in plltxe....))

Tengfya swizaw:
Oe-yä tsap'alute. I haven't been on for about two days now, as I've been camping. I have kept up my journal though, and the most recent are posted below.

December 31st, 2009 (midnight)

Sìltsan sngä'ikrr zìsìt oe nereu nerume nì'ul Na'vi. Oe kä unil set.
Fi'u trr sì mune ni'ul oe kä ting nari na'rì sì Eywa. Kìyevame, Eywa ngahu int.

January 1st, 2010
Skxawng tok fatseng, tengfya Tawtute tok fatseng. Oe tse'a kehe zongtseng miso ta Tawtute Eywa teswotìng mawey.

January 2nd, 2010
Fi'u trr ni'ul sìltsan. Ayoe tolul mì na'rìng. Ayoe tolul utral-tangek. Ayoe soli tsawl txep. Ayskxawng lu unil.

As you might be able to tell, I wasn't very happy most of the trip. Something about 'evengs not thinking things through.

I also made some sentences while I was frustrated and bored:
Pxasik, tawtute! Fpi Eywa, fpak plltxe "hey" tengfya kaltxì!

Nga rä'ä ting nari.

Eltu si! Nga na 'eveng!

Pelun nga syaw oe hiyìk krrpe oe plltxe nìNa'vi? Na rä'ä tìng nari!

Anyways. Feel free to find any mistakes, and I'll update again later.


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