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Tengfya swizaw:
So after reading some posts on learning methods and thinking on things for a while, I've decided to make a journal cataloging daily occurrences in Na'vi. I've printed out a long list of vocabulary and grammar, got myself a small notebook and pen, and am just waiting to get a better grasp on things before starting. Would anyone else be interested in doing this? It helps use Na'vi in everyday life, and it could set a sort of guideline for the individual's way of stringing together words to make sentences. It would also be very entertaining.
As soon as I make a first entry, I'll transpose it and post it for you all? Any one else interested?

That would actually be awesome. I'll probably do that! Thanks for the idea!

sounds like a great idea! What better way to learn than recount your own life

sounds like a good idea, but i think we might need a slightly more expanded vocabulary before doing so, but who knows when Frommer will publish to fox?

Sounds like you are taking my advice, that's good, I already keep a log of daily activities but due to the limited vocabulary it only contains small sentences. Let me warn you that this method will work but you must be consistent with it.


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