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Kinda Fun Topic: "Na'vi Translators"


For those of you who've gone to Pandora, I'm sure you've seen the "na'vi translators", they're basically a toy with na'vi and english word translations and a picture illustrating an example of the word...(it has a "reader" as well that gives pronunciations, but that doesn't really come to play here...
So I'm there, and I notice a card that says "sevin", pretty, but has a landscape...
I would've thought the word "lor", or if they wanted an image for sevin, a picture of Neytiri,  or something...(keep in mind that the card says "pretty" as well...

Tirea Aean:
Translators are bad confirmed. XD

Nice find. I have one of those and a ton of cards but didn't notice that. Good question because you're right. Sevin is for people. I too would have expected narlor or lor there.


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