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Alyara Arati:
Hello, and welcome to the Beginner Na'vi Chat thread!  The purpose of this thread is self-evident from the title, but I wish to explain a few things anyway.  Firstly, this is intended to be a fun and encouraging place where anyone can talk about the weather, their cat, or whatever else interests them.  No one should ever be afraid or hesitant to post.  Likewise, no one can learn in a vacuum, so our goal is to foster learning together as a team.  We are all still learning, and we all study Na'vi because we enjoy it.  Please keep in mind, therefore, that we are here for friendly language practice, and be courteous and respectful of others at all times.  My clichés for this section are: "He who tries his best is never wrong, although he may be mistaken", and "Whether it is correct or not does not matter.  Please try."

Secondly, I would like to discuss some technical points.  It goes without saying that the main language used here will be Na'vi.  This means, for beginners, no "Na'vinglish", since simply replacing a few words of your native language with their translations is very confusing.  If you do not know a term, use the dictionary, ask what it is, or be creative and describe it with words that are familiar.  As for the teachers and more experienced students, if you can explain your corrections in Na'vi, that would be ideal.  However, in the interest of clarity, English is certainly allowed and a hidden translation is recommended; for international speakers, if they do not understand the English explanation, they are encouraged to request an answer in Russian, German, etc.  Also, when giving examples, the format common to the beginner section is preferred.

Finally, this thread is slanted towards beginners, and is meant to provide an environment which is conducive to learning.  Be patient regarding your own limitations, and especially with the mistakes of others.  No one can learn without making errors; we were all beginners once.  Please be kind as well as helpful, and remember that there is always more than one way to phrase something in Na'vi.  "Translate the meaning, not the words."  In order to avoid the spread of misinformation, however, if you are not sure of the accuracy of your corrections, state clearly that this is only what you believe to be right.  Additionally, this is not the proper place for debating fine or obscure points of grammar.  Once again, let me stress that no one should expect perfection, but everyone is entitled to respect and courtesy.  Have fun!

Na'vinglish:  Rutxe ke write this way taluna lu too confusing.
Beginner Format:  Rutxe pamrel s<iv>i fì-fya talun(a) fì'u lu law nì'ul.
Spoiler: Hidden TranslationPlease write this way because it is more clear.
Na'vi version of these guidelines is available upon request.

Edit: Ke zene fko pamrel sivi fa <> () - mungwrr ral ke lu law luke ayfì'u.  Kop tsun fko sivar aypamrelvi atun fìfya. :)

Blue Elf:
Ha - plltxe ko!  :)
Aysngä'iyuri fìkìng lesar liyevu, sìlpey oe.

One note - as beginners sometimes do mistakes which cause their text to be not easily understandable, please add also English translation, either as description (see my text above) or as English version of your sentence under Na'vi sentence. That helps to make sure what you intended to say. Have a fun - that's main rule. :)

Tirea Aean:
Oh and by the way, the code for doing that fancy red mouse-hover description thingy is this:

[desc=the text you want to pop up when the mouse hovers]this is the red text you see without hovering yet[/desc]

this is the red text you see without hovering yet

Pivängkxo ko!

Tse kaltxì ma Frapo. Oe lu Tirea Aean. Oe sngä'i nivume lì'fyati leNa'vi kam pxezìsìt. Sunu oeru nìtxan.

Yeah! Pivängkxo ko!

Kaltxì! Oeru syaw Kameyu a Kepekmì ulte nume lì'fyati leNa'vi takrra 7vea vospxì zìsìtä a2012ve. Kameyusko, oel ayngati kameie.

Eana Unil:
Kaltxì ma frapo :)
Fìtsengmì oe lu Eana Unil, 'rrtamì oeru fko syaw Krrìsì.
Tìftiari lì'fyayä leNa'vi oe ke leiu kea sngä'iyu nulkrr, tsalsungay ke längu kea tsulfätu mi, taluna stum zìsìto amune ftolia oe nì'aw. Sunu oer nìtxan fwa tskxekeng si, nume, srung si suteru alahe fte nivume sì pängkxo :D

Ha... pesengit aysngä'iyul tok? ;D


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