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Well since i've been asked so much and since i've seen that my idea has been floating around a lot too I think is time I compile a step by step guide of how to practice Na'vi, the Shiaru way.

Step one:
Make a journal and try to write at least a sentence on Na'vi a day on it. (this is the idea that everyone is talking about, I really like the fact that everyone is using my idea. It really helps).

Step two: Try and use a new word, repeat said word at least 10 per hour. (you'll find yourself being able to identify it on the spot later on, and using it unconsciously).

Step three: Listen to a particular Na'vi excerpt from the movie with subtitles then try and repeat the intonation and the words as best as possible. (this could take many tries so use s mall sentence if possible.) Then write it down while listening to the excerpt.

There are more steps that I will write down later, If you go an idea reply with it, comments appreciated as well. ;D
Remember this method works thanks to Immersion, a state in which the human brain believes Na'vi to be important and thus will commit resources to learning it unconsciously. If you would like to know more on how it works ask me and i'll be happy to answer.  ;) 

Maktoyu PalulukanyƤ:
This sounds like a very plausible plan.  Is there a collection of the phrases from the movie with written translation and captions in Na'vi and English available somewhere?

EywayƤ mokri:
You can find all the sound samples of the movie on talknavi.com I think. :) But you don't have the english subtitles or so.

This seems more credible than my idea of word association. I do have a question though, can you add more than one word an hour, or is that just how this thing works?

it all depends on the constrictions your individual brain imposes upon you. if you are able to learn more in a given time then by all means proceed, but I made this based on the assumption that we do have other tasks at hand and thus I made it to fit almost any schedule. But if you are able to learn more then go ahead.


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