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Translating a belief into Na'vi
« on: April 27, 2011, 01:49:51 pm »
I have a belief that I would like translated into the Na'Vi language. Is there any way for someone to take it on as a project?

Here is the belief in creation that I have.

The more that you walk the line of N-ARAGO-S the more you will come into the truth of human creation and life upon Earth for humans.

The Chalice of Aragoagamogenesia

The more that you walk the line of N-ARAGO-S the more you will come into the truth of human creation and life upon Earth for humans.

"...and he made a cup for her that measured six inches in height. The bowl six inches in diameter and 1 and half inches in depth. The thickness iof the bowl being 1/6th of an inch in thickness The base square having four sides of six inches in length each. The height of the base being one inch in thickness. The stem of the bowl measured 3.5 inches in length and three inches in diameter and was concave to a measure of one inch at the center of the Rose screws. The stem was centered in the base exactly. Permanently attached to the base with a screw that had a six petaled Rose and that was cast in silver. The screws point facing towards the bowl and was measured at The bowl was also centered on the stem's top exactly. Permanently attached to the stem with a Rose screw. The screw's head measured 1/4" in diameter and was an 1/8" in height. The screw measured 3/8" in length and had a one in six screw threading. The Rose Screw's were to sunk to a depth of being flush with the bottom of the Rose Petaled head and no deeper but one turn past being flush. If the Chalice is ever broken apart after it's creation then the water that is drank from it will not great the lovers mouths but shall run along the stem and to the base and onto the ground being wasted and corrupt. The water that is be used is to be taken from the North Pole and South Pole and mixed equally in the bowl together and at once.One water source from the male, one water source from the female. When the two lovers take of the Chalice the woman shall place her head on the left side of the Chalice or facing East and will place her hand at the center of the stem with her right. The man shall place his head on the right side of the Chalice or facing West and will place his hand at the center of the stem with his left below the woman's hand. A Rose that is six sided shall be placed in the center of the bowl after the water has been poured into the Chalice.The color of the Rose shall be determined by the lovers and no other. When the lovers embrace they shall first sip of the water in the bowl just once for one second and at the same time. After which the lovers will complete their embrace three inches above the center of the Rose regardless of where the Rose floats in the bowl. When the lovers embrace they will have completed the circle of life an ending and beginning of both that will create a new beginning for one.

This is the Chalice of the Aragoagamogenesian's. The Chalice of love eternal the creation of time and space eternal.

Let us have drink of infinity.

If we take all of the geometric shapes known to geometry and place then so that their perpendicular surfaces touch, we can see that any straight edged object such a square, triangle or rectangle cannot create time, but can be used as a frame of reference to contain an area of space to analyze. The only geometric shape that does not occupy all of space in the manner of
being a straight edged object is the sphere. I drew two
circles that were tangent to one another, then I noticed something wonderful happening, time in the shape of an hour glass began to appear at the exact center of the two points of tangency. I then went even further and drew two more circles of the same diameter along the hortizontal plane of tangency. I then shaded in the two non-tangent voids created by the four circles and found that the hour glass of time was complete. Or so I had thought, I then interjected my theory of what time is based not on general
notion of speciality but on specific's of reality. Maybe this can be coined as specific relativity, any way let websters do the coining, my theory on what time is is that time is the measurable distance an atom or atoms travel within a medium based upon the energetic properties of the atom or atoms contained within the medium and how the energetic properties of the atom or atoms exert a force against the medium while at the same time the energetic properties of the medium exerting a force back upon the atom or atom(s) within the same medium. In short time is a measureable distance that an energetic body travels based upon it's exertion of force upon another energetic body and how the two interactions create a distance of measureable travel
between theirself.

Next I added a graviton into the circle and assumed that when two or more gravitons are equal in diameter as well as gravitational attraction that they would attract to each other. I then started adding in other gravitions of the same diameter as well as gravitational attraction and realized that when you have at least four graviton's that are tangent to one another they form a single unit of two dimensional time. I then added two more circles into the geomatrix construct and
realized that when you have six tangent circles that represent gravitons that they form a non-tangent void in the center of their tangencies. Next came the fun part, I added that when six tangent spheres are attracted to one another and form a tangent geomatrix construct in space that they will compress the atoms within the non-tangent void. This means that any attempt by the atoms to escape while being compresses in the geomatrix construct is blocked on all tanget sides. Now comes the really fun part. The initial two cirlces that are tangent to each other at one point will have the greatest amount of compression at their tangency. This means that at their exact center of tangency is where the center of a galaxy would theoretically begin "Let there be light". This would only be possible if all six gravitons were attracted to one another at the exact same point of interest between their gravitational attraction in order to contain the atoms in a localized space. The center of the geomatrix construct at the point of central tangency between the initial two circles would compress the atoms in space to the point of causing the atoms to occupy the same space as one another thus causing an extreme amount of energetic release that would travel at faster then light speed velocities. As this
energetic wave or released energy traveled out at faster then the speed of light, the atoms that were the closest to the central tangency point of creation but were outside
of the central point of tangecy or the point at which the gravitons became non-tangent would be forced outward away from the central point of creation.

This is the point at which a galaxy would be at it's most chaotic Now since all of the gravitons are tangent at this point, the extreme release of energy at the central point of creation would force the atoms into the other non-central point's of creation, or the remaining fourteen points of tangency. As this energy begin to build mass inside of the non-tangent void due to the compression of the atoms in the void creating more gravitationtal energies, the six gravitons would begin to be repelled or pushed away because of the increase of mass being created in the non-tangent void. The newly created mass would exert more force on the gravitons then the gravitons would be able to exert on each other
through their gravitational attraction and would begin to lose their ability to form the geomatrix construct. As the gravitons are forced farther apart they will pull some of the matter with them from the non-tangent void as a result of the release of energy occupying the space left behind by the graviton. Any matter that was not compressed into suns or other objects that would over time evolve into planets and other celestial objects would be what is called dark matter, or the the
gravitational energy left behind during the initial creation that was pressed against the circumference of the six tangent gravitons.

Well lets look at this from my creation constructin idea where I have used six gravitons where the reverse gravitational affect of the gravitational properties of a black hole are used as well as the gravitional pull of a blackhole as the central forces of the graviton. The reason that I use six gravitons is because the geometrical relationship between the six gravitons create perfectly tangent contacts when they are drawn together. In theory however any number of gravitons could be present, however the most important gravitons being the two that are attracted to each other first where they
would compress the particles at their tangencies. At this point of tangency is where the greatest amount of compression would take place. The particles of matter in this tangency would be compressed into one another the point of the energy of the gravitational forces being applied at this center of tangency would create a friction as the gravitons spun at speeds faster then the speed of light. "Let There Be Light." The gravity at this central point of creation would then transfer to the the corresponding centers of each particle that was not at the central point of tangent creation but would have been trapped by the remaining gravitons as the exerted force of the two primary gravitons compressed the particles at their tangecies thus forcing the particles
away from the central point of tangency to a point that they would no longer accelerate away from the central point of tangency but would be forced to spin on all axis at once based on the spin of the gravitons and the gravitons exerted force of gravitational transferance to each particle that would have been caught in the non-tangent void. As the compression gravity from each graviton transfered along the string's or the lines of gravitational transference to
each particle the particles that had the greastest amount of magnetic attraction would increase in mass until their central particles that had received the gravitational transferance had exceeded their ability to main their central structure. These particles would then either collapse in on theirself creating a black hole or may have exploded in an spinning type manner where the now detached and seperated particles would have carried with each particle a certain amount of matter. As this matter spun in space it will have been hit by other particles where the collision would have resulted in the further break-up of the smaller particles that were affected upon by the larger particles. These even smaller particles would then have been held in a gravitational orbit around the larger particle or what we call suns. Now lets go back to the central point of compression where the particles were compressed the most.

When the ability of the two tangent gravitons to remain attracted to each other had been negated by the explosive release of compressed energy at the central point of tangency due to the gravitons transfering their gravity across the non-tangent void ?to the uncountable amount of particles present where the gravity would then build up the particles to create even more gravitation forces the gravitons would be pushed away from being tangent to each other. As the gravitons were pushed away the gravitational pull towards the gravitons center would pull the particles that are now forming into suns and planets away from the central point of tangent compression. The greatest amount of gravity would be localized at the central particle that was compressed during the tangency, with the remaining particles being pulled along a vector relative to the sun's center which would then be relative to which center of each graviton the sun was closest to.

This can be proven on paper at least by drawing six gravitons
or circles that represent gravitons tangent to each other's edge or circumference. Then you shade in the areas between the non-tangent portions of the gravitons through the tangency to the non tangency of the opposite circles. This creates time. Now if you draw two lines parallel from the points where three of the circles form three tangecies from the opposite tangencies or draw a line from the central point of tangency created by the two first tangent graviton's central point of compression to the circles that are tangent to the left and right of the central point of tangency it will form a triangle or another hour glass in the shape of perfect timing needed to be present in order for a galaxy to be created. Now if we draw two lines parallel from each
tangent corner angle to the opposite tangent corner angles it will form an imaginary rectangle. But the rectangle is not important only the fact that when you draw an elipse from the left circle to the central line that runs from the center of the top and bottom gravitons top the right center point
of the right graviton that creates a central divide in the circle that is 90 degrees to the circles center to the bottom circle where the lines of time are parallel to the angle of time and then back to the circle on the left it forms and eliptically galaxy.

As the two single gravitons attract towards one another and if the same type of graviton is present within their gravitational field of attraction and if the remaining four gravitons attract to the first two single gravitons at the same instance of velocity at the point of creation or the point at which the gravitons compress the particles at the singular tangent point of incindence the remaining particles will be force away from the center of compression. The outward pushing affect of the four remaining gravitons will force the escaping particles to hit a gravitational wall to speak, meaning that they cannot go any farther because of the force of gravity being exerted upon them from the remaining four gravitons. This would cause the particles to spin
and begin collecting the passing particles by them if they were small enough to be captured. As the particles amassed around each singularity, each gas giant, sun or solid planet would be determined by how much matter the singularity amassed, how weak or powerful the singularity was would determine how many particles were attracted to the singularity. When the largest singularity within a group of singularities amassed enough strong force gravitational
attraction to capture other larger mass singularities is when a solar system would begin to form. The debris like the asteroids between Mars and Jupiter would have resulted from smaller single singularities not being captured by any of the larger singularities during this time of solar creation. This would be due to the now forming planets not possesing the strong gravitational attraction as they did when they were first compressed and put into their singularity spin. These particles would simply accelerate by the forming planets until they encountered a larger gravitational field such as Jupiter that would slow their rate of forward velocity down due to the gravitational wall affect that was present during the compression period of the galaxies. The largest gravitational body of the solar system would then slowly over time collect these absent bodies into an orbit around the largest gravitational body that is at the center of the solar system and the next largest gravitationally strong body in the solar system.

How it happened everywhere would depend on how many other (sextant) gravitons were present. If you notice in any book that presents the various galaxies in picture form you can see that each one is relatively the same size. This would mean that as stated above there had to have been various graviton spheres (six gravitons present in one single sphere)compressing the matter within the spheres local space to create the Universe as we know it. Or if you continue to draw circles tangent to one another and shade in the area of time between the two tangent circles or gravitons then you will start to see how each galaxy may have been formed at once through the string theory of gravitational compression at the tangency of two gravitons.

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Re: Translating a belief into Na'vi
« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2011, 03:03:42 pm »
this an absolutely interesting thought and an interesting project, but I fear that there are just too many words here that don't exist in Na'vi. you know, as a neolithic culture I don't think they started thinking of solar systems and singularities. except for that, the text is so big that I'm afraid it will take at least a month translating it even with a group of good translators. :( :(
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Re: Translating a belief into Na'vi
« Reply #2 on: April 27, 2011, 03:11:05 pm »
It seems like Bible translating project. So hard and must special linguistic work.
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Re: Translating a belief into Na'vi
« Reply #3 on: April 28, 2011, 03:08:52 am »
It seems like Bible translating project. So hard and must special linguistic work.

Ningay. I have once started to translate the wiccan Charge of the Goddess into Na'vi. That is... tough...
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