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Srungsiyu Ayeylanä:
Could someone please translate the following quote? (The name can stay the same unless there's a good way to turn that into a Na'vi name.)

"All our dreams can come true, if we only have the courage to pursue them" - Walt Disney

I am not too sure but there is my attempt:

"Fraunil ayoengä tsun slivu ngay txo ayoengur livu tìtstew fte nivongspe' pumit" - ta Walt Disney

Tirea Aean:
Here is my initial attempt. Very close to Toliman's.

Fraunil awngeyä tsun slivu ngay txo nìyey awngaru livu tìtstew fte nivongspe' sat.

Spoilerayoengä => ayoengeyä / awngeyä
ayoengur => ayoengaru / awngaru
pum ≠ it/them; pum = one/ones
aysa'ut = sa'ut = sat = those/them

Ah, that is better than mine. Sunu oeru :)

Srungsiyu Ayeylanä:
Irayo! :)


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