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Glossing style
« on: July 30, 2010, 06:30:17 pm »
Okay, while we are getting this goin', I think we'll need to talk about the style we want to gloss our translations. Two lines should be clear, as I think, that would be the Na'vi and English line  ;D

Adding to this, we need some way to mark how words are created, we do have those symbols, like ADJ, PRF, IMP etc, and we have a way to use <>...

One way would be writing like: Oe<l> nga<ti> kam<ei>e
The other way would use English words and go like: 1-ERG 2-ACC see-LAUD

I wonder which we should use, whether we should use both or some other way. I have problems myself with the second kind of gloss lines, because I am not sure in some cases how to put things, while the first version with <> is quite clear: You use the lexical versions of the words and mark adpositions, infixes etc...

I like the idea that one could use the lines with <> to make an automated concordance of the texts we translate, without too much further work. One could also use it for all kinds of statistics...
The line with the symbols like ACC and ERG etc seem to help people get a quick idea what is meant. Especially when we use one certain English word for one certain Na'vi word, this becomes clear with this line.

Am I comprehensible in what I say? So if I am, what is your opinion? What should we make the gloss like? Once we have this rule set, I could write a little howto on taking part and editing the wiki pages. And I'd start transferring texts from our old forum thread to the wiki, so one could get the impression that we have already done something ::)

God bless you all
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Re: Glossing style
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2010, 03:33:14 pm »
Oh defiantly English below the navi it's important to see the word for word what we ate doing so others might help clean up or just say woo perfect!


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