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`Eylan Ayfalulukanä:
Here's a thread for prayer requests, as suggested by Tirea Aean. Ultimately, this might be better off as a sub-forum. Let's see what happens.

Tirea Aean:
i had the idea of /bible-study and /prayer-requests as their own boards inside /bible. when the threads grow, I'll ask the admins about making the boards.

I'd like to post the first request:

Trisha, a very nice lady near me whose son(Daniel, 8) has bone cancer, and who found her father dead from suicide. She and husband and son are believers but no doubt are going through a storm in recent days.

They have my prayers. Also a word of encouragement: Don't tell your God how big the storm is, tell the storm how big your God is.

Tirea Aean:
oh wow. Amen to that.

`Eylan Ayfalulukanä:
Prayer missles away, ma Tirea. That has to be really tough to deal with. But as much as we hate to walk through this crap, God is still there on the other side.

As far as setting this and the 'sermon' section up, we are both on the same wavelength. We just used different terminology.


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