Psalm 134

Started by Eltu Lefngap Makto, December 13, 2011, 05:41:22 PM

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Eltu Lefngap Makto

At the risk of being a total abuser who has started the last four topics, I going to try Psalm 134!  It's my "Bible chapter of the day" and it's so short.  Plus I'm procrastinating my last final.  ;)

Look! Bless Yahweh,
   all you servants of the Yahweh,
   who stand by night in the house of Yahweh!
Lift up your hands in the sanctuary.
   Bless Yahweh!
May Yahweh bless you from Zion;
   even he who made heaven and earth.

Tewti!  Meuia sivi Yaweyru,
   ma Yaweyä frayhìte'esiyu,
   akllkxusem Yaweyä kelkumì txon!
Ayngal mesyokxit nefa yivem mìswotu.
   Meuia sivi Yaweyru!
Ngaru meuia sivi ta Tsion Yaweyìl
   alu tsawä sì Eywayä ngopyu

Hey!  May you give honor to Yahweh
   all you servers of Yahweh,
   standing in the house of Yahweh at night!
May y'all put up two-hands in the holy place.
   Give honor to Yahweh,
May Yahweh give honor to you (one),
   that is, the creator of Sky and Gaia.

I purposely left off the subtitle: "A Song of Ascents".  I see that we have the word descend which is kllkä.  This must be from (ne)kll/down + /go.  It doesn't seem safe to assume the "ascend" is fäkä.  It it were, I would make the subtitle
tìrol sìfäkusäyä - a song of ascendings
'Ivong, Na'vi!