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Eltu Lefngap Makto:
As we are attempting to translate the Bible through Na'vi to (new) readers of it, it is important to consider the medium it passes through on the way to its hearers.  Just like shining a light through Jell-O is different than shining through Sprite, we should know about what we are talking through.

Our Fearless Leader, Paul Frommer, gave a fantastic talk at his alma mater, part of a series called What Matters to me.  I think we should all watch this video in its entirety, because he is the author and arbiter of the water we are swimming in

The only good-news we have worth spreading is that God entered into human life and met us where we are, in the muck.  I hope I can turn over a new leaf and be more incarnational with my approach the Na'vi Standard Bible, and less literalistic.  :-[

Tirea Aean:
saw the video and he and I exchanged emails briefly. great talk.

`Eylan Ayfalulukanä:

I will look forward to viewing this video tonight or this weekend. How long is it?

We have to be very careful about balancing something that is 'living and accessible' (which, without having yet seen the video is a loose definition of 'incarnational') with something that is 'correct', as the Word of God was not meant to altered in meaning. This has been successfully done in the past, with hugely popular 'paraphrases' like 'the Living Bible' and 'Good News for Modern Men'. That is why I see two different versions coming out of this project-- one that is very literal, for devotion and study, and another that could be 'used on Pandora'.

Tirea Aean:
yeah i wasnt sure what you meant by any of that either ma ELM.

ma `Eylan the vid is 45 mins. worth it tho.

Eltu Lefngap Makto:
Let me just be rudely frank for a split-second: there is nobody on Pandora because Pandora doesn't exist.

That having been said, the vast majority of people who are going to even consider looking at a Na'vi people are going to approach through the lens of "Avatar".

"Incarnational" means inconveniencing yourself for the sake of other people getting to hear the gospel.  Frommer talks about his struggles as a ethnic Jew (who rejects Conservative Judaism in his later youth) and a gay man in a repressive culture.  A lot of people who are passionate about "Avatar" and Na'vi will share a lot of the same viewpoint, if not the particulars.

A good example of incarnational is the other day when we were talking about "corrupt" (Psalm 14).  We had to choose between mäkxu and waiting for a more literal 'corrupt'.  Meeting "Avatar" fans where they are -- caring about the environment and defining evil in ecological terms -- is more incarnational and less literalistic.


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