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Anyone read anything from George R.R. Martin's A Song Of Ice And Fire

I'm currently on the first book (most known) A Game Of Thrones and wow is it a good book, not long started but it hooks you instantly

Anyone else reading?

Oh yes!

I'm a huge fan of the books (and the tv-series). I'd even say that the third book, A Storm of Swords, is the best book I've ever read. They only get better and better, and it's fascinating how GRRM writes these extremely complicated, and most important: human, characters in a way the fantasy genre has never seen before!

You are in for a real treat my friend, these books are brilliant.

Blue Elf:
I've read all released books of that serie. Really, great work, but..... too many positive characters are killed. That makes these book hard to read.
I'm always saying, that good book is that one you can read again when you finish it. This serie is good too, but I can read it only once....

On the other hand, now I'm reading other books written by GRRM and I like them all

'Itan Atxur:
I watched the TV series first and swore I would NEVER read the books because I liked the show so much and didn't want the books to make me think less of it. Then I realized I have to wait nearly a year for more GoT and caved in. I got the entire series in hardcover for my birthday (Best B-Day present ever? Best B-Day present ever.) and am half way through the 1st book. As usual the book is definitely better but it doesn't take away from how awesome the TV series is which makes me very happy :D

If the series can maintain this extreme high quality through all 7 books it'll easily be my favorite series ever much in the way that Avatar is easily my favorite movie. (how many more run-on sentences can I cram into one post?)


(Not sure if there's any spoilers in there, but I don't think so)


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