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Book Recommendation: 1984

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I enjoyed the book overall but could not for the life of me sit through the entire (and extremely long) excerpt from the protagonist's diary... I had to skip it.

Teylar Ta Palulukankelku:
Hmm, i remember there was an excerpt from Winston's diary now that you mention it but i'd almost forgot it entirely  :-\. I remember that at one point, where he wrote about a propaganda film he'd seen in the local cinema, he became so sloppy with he writing due to some kind of hysteria when recalling the event that he forgot to separate sentences and use spaces between the words and thus the text started to look something like this ``iwassooverwhelmedbythebrutalityofthesoldiersdepictedinthemovieialmostfeltlikeleavingbutididn'tduetothefactthatitwouldseemsuspicious´´ or something similar HRH  ;D.

Aytanin Marali:
Seriously?  That book was terrifying!  Can you imagine living in that world?!  Scares the bejeebies outta me!  Being brainwashed by the government like that.  *shudders*  How is that book anything if not scary?  I have nightmares about being trapped there knowing it's all a lie.  It's horrible!

Teylar Ta Palulukankelku:
Like i said before; I personally wouldn't describe the book as ``scary´´ but, yes; I, too, detest the thought of the government of a country brainwashing and abusing their citizens in such a way. Personally, i would rather describe the book as ``depressing´´ due to the story's bleak nature (It is a dystopian novel, after all.). But, hey; That's just me  ;D.

What's this book like in comparison to  'Brave New World'? I like the dystopian themed stories (although hunger games books were terrible imho)


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