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Book Recommendation: 1984

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Teylar Ta Palulukankelku:
Last fall i read the literary classic dystopian Sci-Fi novel 1984. I read it in Swedish. Now, i don't remember 100 % of the plot and all of my reactions to the book, seeing how much time has passed since i read it, but i'll give it a try:

I thought it was pretty good. Not my absolute favorite type of Sci-Fi story and there isn't much action, but i know that's the point and i appreciate that. What i enjoyed most about the book was the depiction of the protagonist, Winston Smith, as an ordinary ``average Joe´´ and the book's extensive analysis of various political and psychological aspects that were very topical at the time George Orwell wrote the book (1948). Plus, i find many of the subjects dealt with in the book interesting.

And seeing as how analytic this book is of various political and psychological subjects, you're free to discuss them here if you'd like.

Aytanin Marali:
Oh holy Eywa I hate that book!  Not because it was bad, it was brilliant, but because I still have nightmares about it.  I read it in 2006 and had nightmares for a week.  I blame David Bowie.  See, he has an album out based on the book called Diamond Dogs.  I bought the album, loved it, and decided I should read the book.  Scariest thing I have ever read, including those creepy horror story books I read in elementary school.  Can't remember the title, something like Are You Afraid of the Dark or something.  My sister's fiance has one.  I remember the terrifying art work and the scary stories.  Most were fake, but it was really the art work that got you.  So creepy you could hardly read the opposite page because you couldn't stand having that picture in your peripheral vision.  But 1984 was even scarier.  I will never read it again.  In fact, I haven't even listened to Diamond Dogs since I read it.  I'm afraid of the CD now!   ;D  Good book, but too scary for me!

Teylar Ta Palulukankelku:
Woah  :o! The last word i would've expected someone to use to describe 1984 was ``scary´´  :-\. Care to elaborate on that  ????

"1984" is the saddest book I've ever read.

Teylar Ta Palulukankelku:
It's the same for me, ma tsmukan. Which doesn't really say much since i've only read three books from start to finish in the last three and a half years  :P.


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