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Book Recommendation: The Eye of Minds


It's about gaming, hacking, and cyber-terrorists.
Takes place in the 22nd century by my guesses from the text.
Reminds me of Sword Art Online (anime).
Really cool. Sci-fi.
It's by James Dashner.

Can you resume the plot, please?


--- Quote from: Vawmataw on January 20, 2016, 07:26:16 pm ---Can you resume the plot, please?

--- End quote ---
In a nutshell,
Michael is your average gamer, who plays many different games throughout the VirtNet, accessed by a link station (basically a crossover of Avatar and Sword Art Online). As a cyber-terrorist threatens the VirtNet and the real world by downloading AI into human bodies, the world is at risk of complete AI takeover. It is up to Michael and his friends to locate the cyber-terrorist and shut him down.

That is my summary.


Sounds interesting


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