Book Recommendation: Wolf Of The Plains

Started by Teylar Ta Palulukankelku, October 12, 2012, 05:28:17 PM

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Teylar Ta Palulukankelku

I read this book, written by Conn Iggulden, in fall 2008-spring 2009 (I know; I'm a very slow reader  :P!). I don't remember all of the book and my reactions to it, but i think i can safely say it's my favorite novel to date (Not that i read many novels  :P.).

Wolf Of The Plains is a historical novel set in 13th century Mongolia, where the reader gets to follow the upbringing of a boy named Temudjin. I remember that the book was quite action-packed, had good pacing, was very well written and the reader got a very good insight into the complex psychological nature of Temudjin, a man who would one day found the largest state in the history of mankind, a man notorious under his ruling name... Genghis Khan.
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