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Book Recommendation: The Matlock Paper
« on: September 17, 2011, 09:05:43 am »

James B. Matlock, an ex-Vietnam Solider and currently a Literature Professor, is the new man for the job. The Justice Department, Washington, have organised a meeting with Adrian Sealfont, the head of Carlyle University, Sam Kressel, the Dead of Admissions and a mysterious agent known as Ralph Loring. Matlock arrives to be offered an assignment involving Carlyle University's (the university which he professes at) association with an organisation known as Nimrod: the magical hand behind the narcotics, gambling and prostitution scenes in a chain American Colleges. After being briefed by Loring, he accepts. 3 years ago, his brother overdosed while on holiday and Matlock has always felt responsible. He hopes that with this assignment, he can potentially help those who could possibly end up with the same fate as his brother.

After Matlock and Loring leave Sealfont's apartment, Loring discovers that his car has been broken in to, despite all of the drastic measures of conspicuousness that he took. He then catches up to Matlock and tells him to keep walking. The two men pretend not to know each other... Just in case someone is watching... Nimrod... Loring was murdered and all Matlock saw was a large black vehicle speeding away.

Now he has to keep the assignment. For his brother's and Loring's sake. His life then descends into a pool of violence and drugs. He may want to find out just exactly what Nimrod is, but Nimrod won't make it easy.

Packed full of unpredictable twists and turns, The Matlock Paper was the first Ludlum book that I've read and I can tell you, I want more Ludlum!
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