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'Oma Tirea:
My favorite genres pertain to subjects I like: math, science, other puzzle books and other activity books, bridge books, and sometimes books on music theory/study.  I have never quite liked (and will probably never get into) fiction of various sorts (except maybe scifi).

I love old Physics and Math textbooks! For Fiction novels, I like Mystery and Ben Mezrich novels, whatever they are categorised as. However, most of his novels are adaptions of true stories.

Alyara Arati:
I like fantasy/sci-fi and mystery best.  I have a theory that these (and romance, too) are popular because they're essentially grown-up fairy tales.  Good/love wins, evil usually gets walloped.  As for nonfiction, I love puzzle books.

'Itan Atxur:
Definitely fantasy (LOTR and Harry Potter all the way). I voted for Sci-fi too, but I'm SO picky about my science fiction that I might as well hate the genera. Some of my favorites, though, are science fiction and I'm even writing a semi-science fiction book.

I guess for a third genera I'd go with "Mystery", but again that's not fair. It just so happens that some of my favorite books fall under the catagory (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in particular). Over all, I avoid mystery novels.

Best book ever? The Girl who Played with Fire. Seriously... ever...

I've never been able to get into sci-fi book. It's better when it's a movie. But I love ghost stories. And for some reason, I really like those depressing books found in the teen section.  :P


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