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The thread has the same style as the thread Last Movie You Saw.
Just one thing: Given that there are some threads about book recommendations and all, I suggest to not start a detailed review or a discussion on the book. Create instead proper threads. However, you can still say it's good and all.

Last book I read: The shortened version of Les Misérables. Very nice book. The end is very poetic in a sense.

Blue Elf:
Hmm, this thread looks like this one (except that this thread contains finished books, while that one is about books in progress). :)
Anyway - recently finished Alice in wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Nice, funny and illustrated!

I recently read Catmagic by Whitley Strieber (earlier editions credited to Strieber and Jonathan Barry, but the latter is ostensibly a fictitious person and Strieber the sole author).  Highly recommended, a potent synergy of beauty and horror.

GB: I have Read at last: lot of Books of Wattpad... thats very Intresting... and thats so nice people!!!
so you can Write own Books and you can show that the Community... when you will be a Writer thats a good Start...
i love it to write!

D: Ich habe zu letzt gelesen: vieles auf Wattpad... das ist sehr Interessant... und es gibt so nette Menschen!!!
Du kannst eigene Bücher schreiben und sie dann Veröffentlichen... wenn du mal ein Autor werden willst, ist das ein guter Start...
Ich liebe es zu schreiben!

`Eylan Ayfalulukanä:
Been slowly working my way through 'Annals of the Deep Sky" each time a new volume comes out. Am looking forward to a train trip next month when I might actually have time to read a book cover-to-cover.


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