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My poetry in English (und Deutsch et en français)

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Here is my poetry in English not related to Avatar.

By Vawmataw

The Earth's suffocating.
The lunar colony is expanding.
Some have chosen Mars
Or back to Pandora are.

We had to live in separate stars.
Missing to each other we are.
A new life is starting,
A new future is springing.

When I look up in the sky
From my spaceship
During this perilous trip,
To find you I try.

In 2224, expands our civilization.
Even if we're apart,
You're still in my heart.

By Vawmataw

There are paths you can follow.
Some to follow your dreams allow,
Some to a better world lead
Or your life adventures seed.
But there's one path you follow
Before and after your death.
I chose the stars', your own you know.
Choose wisely, life lasts a long breath.

Tstewa Ikrantsyìp:
beautiful. I love them both.
you are an amazing poet. 

keep on writing, they are wonderful.

:D Thank you! :)

The Light
By Vawmataw

The sun rises finally
After 4 months of darkness.
The colors of the goodness
We can finally see.
It's time to go outside,
To live something new,
To show our fun side,
To ourselves renew.

Play your mind's symphony.
Live your day as you please.
To the nearest park flee.
Rest under the trees.
Read a book or listen to music.
Make each moment fantastic.

Finish your day in a pool.
Seeing the sunset is cool.
Watch the stars and the fireflies.
So much beauty for the eyes!

The time passes so quickly.
It's time to go to bed.
An other month of darkness ahead.


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