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I have no comment for “You cannot fill a cup –“ . I would see it as a song.
As for We know no fear, there's only a lack of rhymes and the title could fit as the first line of your text. It's ok. :)

Tstewa Ikrantsyìp:
hey everyone, or whoever reads this.
I just wrote a new poem. and I know its late, I apologise. but I hope it makes up for it.
:) hope you enjoy  it's called "a new hope"

A new hope

Feel the thrum of the forest as we bury our loved
Feel the tears from our mother up above
Feel the family that returns after battles lost or won
Feel the hope, still surrounding everyone.

Feel the love as their energy returns to the ground
Feel the peace as their spirits linger around
Feel compassion from the forest, and all within
Feel the sun rise above and the new morning begins.

Feel the strength from the trees and the animals both
Feel the empathy and know you’ll not cope alone
Feel the heart in your chest and the world in sync
Feel the beauty both within and wherever you see

Feel the hand of a friend and the sense of care
Feel the home where you’ve grown, and know you belong there
Feel the break in the storm and see the sun
Feel the wind slow and stop and know a new time has come

Feel a new hope and be filled with awe
Feel the pain and acknowledge but grieve no more
Feel the past and the present and see the future bright
Feel the change and the chance to make things right.

so uh yeah. opinions?

ta Tstewa Ikrantsyìp

Are the things improving in your life or you just wanted to write a great poem about hope?

Tstewa Ikrantsyìp:
hey everyone. A new poem. called "around the river bend"

Around the river bend

You may feel bereft and lonely
Anger coursing through you veins

Just know that silver lines the clouds
The good times will replce the strains

Despite the hurt, despite the tears
Despite the people you have lost

Behind you stands your friends and family
Who help you bear the cost

With no more time, so much to do
You start to feel the stress.

Dig in your heels
Roll up your sleeves
You’re bound to pass the test

Good times will come
As will the bad
We together will survive

I know it’s hard
I know you hurt
But we’ll be ok,
Our Na’vi tribe[/i][/b]

tell me what you think yeah?

Eywa ngahu

ta Tstewa Ikrantsyìp

maximum size = 99pt ;)

--- Quote ---tell me what you think yeah?
--- End quote ---
It's great and full of truth.


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