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My weekly poems

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Tstewa Ikrantsyìp:
Wind beneath his wing-span

Don’t look into their eyes
Only riders brave their depths
Only riders grace their wings
To soar unchartered skies and lands

A banshee is loyal; till the very end
With only one rider; to fight with, and defend

Kings and queens of the sky to watch over in peace
Bigger then then medusa with their deafening screech.
But bigger than medusa and ikrans alike
Striking fear into their hearts with wings blood-red bright

With a wing-span double then most banshees alike
When this animal soars, you’d best take flight

King of the skies, and most of the land
Get caught by Toruk, and your chances are bland

Only his rider, brave Toruk Makto, can fly this fierce beast
And unite all around

When tribes are in strife
When trouble brews
When desperation calls
Toruk will come through

With beauty and strength
Yet heart-wrenching solitude
This king of the skies, guards it’s brood
Both banshee and Na’vi, all beings alike
Under Toruk’s large wing-span, you’ll be safe
For the night

Txantsan nìtxan nang!

--- Quote ---Bigger then then medusa with their deafening screech.
But bigger then medusa and ikrans alike
--- End quote ---

Tstewa Ikrantsyìp:
I know I said weekly, but here's a poem for the new year I wrote last night..
hope whoever reads it enjoys.

A new beginning

Children laugh with open mouths
While parents scold with gentled hearts
A new beginning reigns over us
A chance for us to all restart.

Foals are born, with knobbly legs
Babes red-faced wail heartedly
Butterflies hatch from their cocoons
We welcome new years happily.

As summer season kicks in start
Fun and dreams reign thoroughly
The hopes of thousands for dreams to flourish
No need for speed or hurrying.

The heart thunders, palms sweat
And romance rents the air
Like spring, it’s time to rejuvenate
There’s plenty love to spare

Families gather, friends all crowd
The final moments of last years sound
From ten the crowds all of the world
All hold their breathe and freeze
From 3, 2, 1 the new year reigns;

And so a new beginning

Blue Elf:
That's really not bad! I'll try to see if some of them could be translated into Na'vi, if you don't mind...
First poem looks like good candidate

Tstewa Ikrantsyìp:
Sure! I'd be honoured if you would. go ahead.


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