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Tstewa Ikrantsyìp:
Hey everyone.
as we probably all know, there was a writing contest on quite recently, and it inspired me to restart my story writing, and songs and poems
I wrote a poem for the competition, but I'm a little bit of a wimp, so instead of adding my original poem like I planned, I will add some recent poems which I've created that revolve around Pandora, the Na'vi, the culture, the language and a lot of other things related with this beautiful life.
I intend to add a new poem each week. I hope you enjoy, if anyone reads it.

this is one of my first poems.
u]A haunting Pandora

Children, mothers, hunters
Voices held within our mother

Open skies, unending oceans
Fauna large and small, free roaming

Dreams of wings, both red and blue.
Of soaring skies, and tribes un-ruled.

Tsahik to interpret Eywa’s will
Clan leader, who guards the tribes survival

A wish, a dream, a yearning, I strive
A place among the Na’vi tribes

the fear, the lonely dark of forests
when one has no tribe in which to stay with

The beauty of a million jewels
Symbolised by all aplenty
On the wild-hearted planes of Pandora
A box of dreams which continues to haunt me.

My dreams of tribes, of plants, of animals
Roaming free, of fear or hurt
Life goes on for all beating hearts
Safe from danger of war and scars.

My wish is this, your world stay free
Your tribes stay safe
And continue happily
The viper-wolves all raise their young
While younger ikrans, soar beneath their sun.  

The world you protect, from hurt and pain
Stay safe among the stars and plains
Of an endless universe
Yet to be explored

I wish you happiness
Eywa with you

This poem is amazing! Probably much better than my poetry... ;)

Tstewa Ikrantsyìp:
Irayo, though your poetry is amazing. I'm just going to add the four or five poems I've already written and then just add weekly from here on out.
My next poem

Don’t give up

If wars rage, guns fire
Ikrans attack
Keep trying, keep speaking
Don’t look back.
You try so hard to finish the race
To learn the language and earn your place
The community filled with voices aplenty
Of friends and acquaintances and an accepting family
The vowels, the verbs, the consonants
The word order in which we all dance with
Don’t forget the little stops in which we find in the word “uh’oh”
 The puzzles, the booklets, the posts galore,
The forum grows still yet larger more.
Find your way among the areas
Find the theme in which you belong in
Fanfiction, or literature, beginner or not
This family we belong to will never stop.
So don’t give up
Find a friend or a teacher
Learn more of the language
Become an achiever
Feel free to say hi
Forget your fears
The place you belong
In this tribe
Is here

Tstewa Ikrantsyìp:
A rhythm

Find your soul
Find your place
Find your family or mate
Be fearless, come find us
The Na’vi tribes play-ground
With meetings and language,
With friendships or more
A place we’re all welcome
A place to call home

Tstewa Ikrantsyìp:
Let us save them together

Travel years into the future
And what do you see?
I see forests, and desserts and life-forms aplenty

I see beauty and danger
Multi-coloured and pretty
Lizards and horses and wolves and the banshees

I see tribes and the culture
The children are learning
Eywa is watching and
Ewya is guarding

She is mother of all
The keeper of balance
The one who loves all
Despite shapes and faces

Na’vi and earthlings
Embraced by her kindness

Love and affection
We expect of our mothers

Brothers and sisters
Happily living
With the songs of their tribes
From their very beginning

Beauty and love, balance and nature
No dangers compare to the hypnotic creatures

Legends of figures that lead in the bad times
Strength and connections
Will always suffice

Both the trees and the people
Animals too
There’s a balance in nature
It involves us too

Do you understand clearly
What I’m trying to say
Our mother is dying
Till this very day

Our mother is hurting
The earth turns mechanic
Help me my family
And we can all save her

I would give all I have
To help save our world
But I can’t do it alone
So I call for your help


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