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Series Recommendation: The Broken Empire


Stranger Come Knocking:
The Broken Empire by Mark Lawrence
Prince of Thorns
King of Thorns
Emperor of Thorns

Genre: Post-apocalyptic/medieval

Putting everything else in a spoiler just so I can say I warned you.

SpoilerProbably one of the most brilliant series that I have read because I haven't read anything like it before.  It takes place 1,000 years after our time, after a nuclear holocaust and the world has come back full circle from caves to a new medieval society.  Our time and our "people" are called the Builders and there are remnants of Builder technology, computers and weapons that are considered cursed and unclean.  But there are also new magics that inhabit the world, telepathy, skinchanging, and necromancy being just a few of them.  The story follows a boy called Jorg Ancrath whose father tried to have him and his mother assassinated, and his whole life's goal is to kill his father and be Emperor of the Broken Empire.  But the Emperor is an elected person among the Kings of the Empire, and a new force called the Dead King also seeks the throne.

Brilliantly written because he writes the story as beginning and end with bits of the middle scattered throughout and at the very end it comes together like "Holy cow, how did I not understand this earlier?"

Highly recommended. :)


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