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The Dragon Affair or Scales Of Justice

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Spoiler: Part SixCut to close up of McGee removing a hard drive from the mangled wreckage of the PC case, camera pulls back to reveal this is a large and luxurious hotel room.
Bright sunlight is streaming in from one side showing it to be early morning.
McGee places it on the floor and starts work on the next.
Eleanor enters, dressed in a bath robe, and with wet hair.
"How's it going?" Eleanor.
"Yeah, I'm making progress, as much progress as I can, kinda need something to slot these into." McGee.
"Think Sally'll have something?" Eleanor.
"I guess it's worth asking." McGee.
Cut to darkness.
Almost immediately a large garage door opens, to reveal we are looking out at McGee, Eleanor and one other - Sally.
McGee looks blown away.
"Seriously?" McGee.
Cut to looking into the garage from behind Sally, Eleanor and McGee. It's a good size and stacked floor to ceiling with older PC's.
"Ben, my ex-husband, always was a hoarder, when his business upgraded he'd always stick the old ones in here. Even though he's passed now, and I sure have no use for 'em, I can't quite bring myself to toss 'em out."
"I'm sorry to hear of your loss." Eleanor, sincerely.
"I wasn't." Sally, gleefully "There's a work bench in back, tools, knock yourselves out. You need anything, gimme a shout."
Cut to McGee, taking it all in.
"Thanks Sally." voice of Eleanor.
Cut to wide shot again.
"You're most surely welcome." Sally.
Mini montage of McGee fitting the hard drives into a reasonably modern looking case, firing it up and opening the file with the footage.
Cut to Abby in her Lab.
"Yeah this is great, and it was in a ditch full of water?" Abby.
"Yep. Coming up is a familiar face." McGee on screen.
Camera moves to show the video from the burned building on Abby's screen. Tattooed guy's face is visible for a moment.
"That's him, they're linked." Abby.
"Mmm." McGee.
"But why no body this time. Think it might have been missed?" McGee.
"Oh that is such a nasty thought. Don't even joke about it.  Bad Timothy, bad."  Abby.
"And there's another face too, but its too blurry, can't do anything with it here." McGee.
A face appears on screen, very blurry.
"Nice." Abby, with downbeat sarcasm.
"Best frame we get." McGee.
"I'll see what I can do." Abby.
"What's weird, first time we see them they're getting down from the roof, and after the fire starts they climb back up and that's the last we see of them." McGee.
"Perhaps they flew away." Abby.
"Micro light?" McGee.
"I was thinking maybe ..... jet pack, like in the movies, that'd be way cool. " Abby, kinda enjoying herself.
Cut to Sally's place.
"Why don't real crim's do cool stuff like that?" Abby now on screen, now deflated, disappointed and maybe slightly annoyed.
McGee shrugs.
"I'll bring you the drives. They're expecting to open airport this afternoon, which is pretty much our next stop."
Cut to Abby's lab.
"Shame really, this place is really nice." McGee on screen, looks round the room to add emphasis, then back into his camera.
"I want to hear all about it when you get back." Abby.
"You got it Abby!" Eleanor, appearing in the background behind McGee.
"Have a nice flight guy's." Abby.
"Thanks Abby, NCIS Missouri, signing off." McGee.

Cut McGee in the Police station showing Frank and several others the image of the Tattooed man.
"And then there's this guy." McGee.
Footage of the blurry second guy, from climbing down from the roof, to his climbing back up after and a couple in between.
"Wanna better look at him?" Frank.
McGee looks hopeful.
"We call him The Dragon Guy." Frank.
"How come?" McGee.
"I'll come to that." Frank.
Frank leads to his computer, calls up a file, it's a black and white infra red movie of a fish pond, outside, at night. Looks like a still, then several plants move, followed by the camera falling over.
There is a yellowy glare of out of shot fire, camera reacts and now we see in color as someone stands it back up again, but it's not pointed in the same direction.
Frank fast forwards.
Camera lifted and reoriented to something like the original position, and a face comes into shot for a moment and disappears again. Frank pauses it and moves it back frame by frame to a near perfectly crisp image. It's Jay Baruchel.
"I'd like a copy of that." McGee, keen.
"You held up your end of the bargain." Frank, holds up a USB stick, then hands it over.
"Can you put out a Bolo?" McGee.
"For him? Already have." Frank.
McGee raises an eyebrow, puzzled.
Frank smiles knowingly, and beckons him.
"We call him the dragon guy for two reasons. He doesn't speak any English, only Icelandic. And when we got a translator, he wouldn't answer any of our questions, just kept saying 'Dragon'. Got real agitated in the end, so we put him in a cell to cool off." Frank.
Cut to stir. Camera behind bars looks out as sound of a squeaky door is opened off screen. A moment later Frank enters, followed by McGee and Eleanor. Camera moves round. Just visible, the bars on the inside of the cell have a hole in them. McGee and Eleanor look at them, but Frank is focused on the outside window, camera pans to follow Frank.
Cut to outside looking in, a kinda circular hole has been cut out of the steel bars.
"I can understand cutting these here, but .....  " Frank.
Frank moves to look at the inner wall.
" ..... why those? And yes, that's the other reason." Frank.
Camera twitches to show them more clearly.
Beyond is a blackened patch on the cement wall opposite, they line up perfectly. Cut to black and white still (Phoop)

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Spoiler: Part SevenAbby in Autopsy, looking bleak.
"One tattooed guy." Ducky, sliding out a draw.
Cut to looking down from above.
It's the tattooed guy, Abby sighs deeply.
"Did you know him?" Ducky, concerned.
"No ..... Yes ..... Well ..... Kinda." Abby, looking conflicted.
Ducky looks into Abby's eyes, eye brows raised, encouragingly for her to expand on this.
"Now I see him in the flesh, I know where I've seen him before. Know for sure." Abby, uncomfortable.
Abby flaps her hands up and down in disgust.
Abby shudders, you can tell she feel dirty.
"He did this." Abby, shows Ducky the spiders web on her neck "He did it. I am so getting it lasered off! When I think what else those hands have done!" Abby grimaces. "I feel violated. Violated Ducky, violated! Eww!"
Cut to DiNozzo entering autopsy.
We see a coat stand with a bullet proof vest hanging among the coats behind him.
"Hey." DiNozzo says, with unexpected tenderness.
"Hey." Abby, uncomfortably, unable to tear her eyes off the Tattooed guy.
"Good afternoon mister DiNozzo." Ducky.
"Ducky, Abby. You said you knew him?" DiNozzo.
"Mmm." Abby squirming. "Well, I wouldn't say knew him, not knew him, knew him, but I've seen him before and I now I know where ..... He did this." Abby, now just pointing to the spiders web tattoo with a finger "It's coming off. Soon. Like really really soon."
"I need all the details, everything you know about him." DiNozzo.
"Way ahead of you. Email's ready to send, I just wanted to double check it really was the same guy. It was. Is. Guess I was hoping it wasn't. I feel dirty, abused, contaminated." Looks at Ducky "Violated." Abby, sickened,
Abby looks introspective, then remembers something.
"Oh, I've finished testing the sword. Blade matches the wounds on the burned bodies. Fingerprints are all his, no other prints that I could find, and believe me, I was meticulous." Abby.
"As ever. Blood?" DiNozzo.
"They cleaned it pretty carefully." Abby.
"But not carefully enough?" DiNozzo.
"No, it's virtually impossible to remove blood completely." Abby.
"And what did you find?" Ducky.
"Blood from all the known victims and him." Abby.
"Case closed."  DiNozzo.
"Oh, I'm not done, I am so not done. Not cleaned off, was more blood." Abby.
"Someone got away?"  DiNozzo.
"Someones. Two different bloods. Sometwo? They're a match for two of the three samples you collected. And also ..... " Abby, points to the guy draw.
"Run them through ..... "  DiNozzo.
"I've run one of them through all the usual DNA databases, and everything else I could think of. No matches." Abby.
"Only one?" DiNozzo.
"Mmm." Abby, slowly.
"You said there were two?" DiNozzo
"Oh, there was, but there's no point running the other one the same way." Abby smiles, finally stating to enjoy this.
"So ..... ?"  DiNozzo.
"Oh no, not so fast, I'm so not just going to hand you this on a plate." Abby, wagging a finger at Tony.
"Abby ..... " DiNozzo.
"You remember the big foot foot print you took a cast of?" Abby, interrupting.
"Err, yeah?" DiNozzo.
"Nice cast, by the way, but there's no such thing as big foot." Abby.
"Most that aren't just fakes, are usually bear. As they walk, in common with a lot of other mammalian quadrupeds, they place the hind paw overlapping the front paw print, giving a double print, easily mistaken for the print of a single, very much longer foot." Ducky.
"Yeah, but this was no bear, and I'm not sure if it was faked either." Abby.
"We have a genuine sasquatch running round Norfolk?" DiNozzo, hard to read, maybe confused, maybe just doesn't believe.
"Oh no Tony, nothing so prosaic, tease the two prints apart and what you get isn't mammal." Abby.
"It's not?  DiNozzo.
"It's reptile."  Abby.
"Reptile?" DiNozzo.
"You know, dinosaurs, alligators, snakes, constricting and venomous, crocodiles." Abby.
"Turtle, terrapins, small lizards, those ones that change color." DiNozzo, clutching at straws.
"Chameleons." Ducky.
"Yeah, them." DiNozzo, with just the subtlest hint of barely perceptible bitterness.
"Then of course, there's monitor lizards, such as the Varanus Giganteusus, the fearsome and surpassingly speedy native of Australia, better known as the Perente. Closer to home there's Heloderma Suspectum, the Gila Monster. Though, technically, they're Helodermatidae, not Varanidae. And then ..... native to the Komodo islands of Indonesia, there is ..... Varanus Komodoensis, the Komodo Dragon! Which is." Ducky, Enjoying this.
"I know what a reptile is." DiNozzo, feeling patronized.
"I'm glad you brought those up." Abby to Ducky
"Remember those black disks?" Abby to DiNozzo.
"Yeah, what were those things?" DiNozzo.
"Yeah, took me a while to figure that out. First I thought they might be man made, but they're not. They're biological. And guess what ..... They're reptile scales." Abby.
"Like on a really big reptile?" DiNozzo.
"Exactly. They go with the foot print." Abby.
"I see." DiNozzo, pretending he does.
"Now the blood ..... It's not human. It's not mammal, not even sasquatch. It's definitely reptile, and defiantly from a species not previously known to science."  Abby.
"Oh?" DiNozzo.
"But here's where it gets better. Now they do say that some of the greatest breakthroughs in science were because of mistakes."  Abby.
"Most ....." Ducky.
"You made a mistake?" DiNozzo.
" ..... possibly all." Ducky.
"I'm going to call it an 'Unscheduled Test Proceedure'." Abby.
"Not like you." DiNozzo.
"No. Maybe I should make more mistakes. Or, maybe not, whatever, I unintentionally exposed one of those scales to intense heat. Really intense." Abby.
"How much?" Ducky.
"About fifteen hundred kelvin." Abby embarrassed.
"Oops." Ducky
"For, oh, about ninety seconds. Ish."
"Ooops!" Ducky
"Not at all like you. Destruction of evidence ..... " DiNozzo.
"Which is what I thought, but no. They'll take fifteen hundred kelvin in their stride." Abby.
"What kind of biological material, will shrug off that kind of temperature? I mean, Urushi's only good for about five fifty."  Ducky.
"I have a better question. What kind of large reptile needs scales that'll take that kind of temperature?" Abby.
Abby looks at Ducky, he gives a deeply scientific poker face. Both look at Tony.
"I give up. What kind." DiNozzo.
"And still not there yet, there's more. Oh yes, there's more. Remember the other guy in the CCTV footage that Tim recovered from the burned building in Missouri?" Abby, playfully.
"Mmm?" DiNozzo.
"We see him first, not on the ground, but getting down, from the roof. And when he's finished doing whatever diabolical deeds he done did, he leaves, via the roof. Again." Abby, pleased with herself.
"I don't follow." DiNozzo.
"What, Tony, Abby is trying to say is, that the Tattooed guy can be positively placed at two scenes. The burned building here in Norfolk, and the burned building in Missouri. In both places we know there was someone else present. A plausible working hypothesis might be that these were one and the same second person." Ducky.
"And in one place we have have a large, fire proof reptile and in the other we have a roof top delivery system. What very neatly matches both?" Abby.
Cut to Tony's crime scene, a slow-mo of looking past the two plasma cut girders to the burned and dented splat mark on the wall beyond.

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Spoiler: Part EightCut to Autopsy.
DiNozzo smiles and suppresses a laugh.
"Oh no! It's not! It's not, it's just so not, they're not real, they're mythical creatures. They're not real Abby. They're not real. Not. Real. And Ducky, you shouldn't encourage her like this." DiNozzo.
Abby and Ducky both look at DiNozzo expectantly.
"I'm not writing that in a report ..... No way. Period." DiNozzo.
"You have to admit, it would fit the facts. Rather neatly, in fact." Ducky.
"Are you seriously trying to tell me we have a dragon? There, I can't believe I said it, are you two happy? We are having a serious conversation about a dragon. Correction, you two are having a serious conversation about a dragon. And I'm not buying it. I mean, I know I saw some pretty crazy stuff in Homicide. And some fairly odd stuff since I joined NCIS ..... Damn it, I'm talking about the 'You Know What' now. They're not real. Not real. Not ..... real." DiNozzo.
Cut to Abby and Ducky both looking at DiNozzo, still expectantly.
Tony's cell phone rings.
Tony takes it out of his pocket, a little theatrically, looks at the screen.
Cot to close up of Tony's cell phone screen, it's McGee.
Cut back to Tony.
"Ah. A sane person." DiNozzo, with exaggerated calm "Relatively." he admits quietly to himself.
DiNozzo answers it.
"Timmy! You have no idea how pleased I am to talk to you!" DiNozzo, with exaggerated calm.
Cut to the NCIS office, McGee standing beside his desk.
McGee looks surprised, that wasn't how he expected a call with DiNozzo to begin.
"Err." McGee.
Cut to Autopsy.
"Back from Missouri?"
Cut to McGee at his desk.
"Err, yeah." McGee.
Cut to Autopsy.
"How was the Hotel?" DiNozzo, apparently genuinely interested.
Cut to McGee's desk.
"Err, yeah, it was, it was nice, really nice." McGee.
McGee, looks kinda concerned, Tony's never this nice. Literally, never.
Cut to Autopsy.
"It was the only place to stay. I do hope you're putting it all on expenses. After all, that is why NCIS pays expenses."  DiNozzo, with worrying sincerity.
Cut to McGee's desk. McGee looks confused, he's trying to work this out. Tony, being ..... nice?
"Err, yeah?" McGee unsure.
Cut to Autopsy.
"Well, as acting team leader in Gibbs' absence ..... " DiNozzo, still sounding friendly.
Cut to McGee's desk.
McGee is wincing, expecting Tony's bombshell.
Cut to Autopsy.
" ..... I'm looking forward to signing them off." DiNozzo, still sounding friendly.
Cut to McGee's desk.
McGee, kinda o_O.
Cut to Autopsy.
"You still there?." DiNozzo, with apparent concern.
Cut to McGee's desk.
"Yeah, I'm still here?" voice of McGee.
DiNozzo is clearly washed with great relief.
"Say, Timmy ..... " DiNozzo, in that tone that tells you, you are about to be asked to loan someone a large sum of money.
Cut to McGee's desk.
McGee expecting something, and not something good.
Cut to Autopsy.
" ..... You couldn't just pop down to Autopsy, could you. With a couple of straight jackets, and some earplugs." DiNozzo, friendly.
Cut to McGee's desk.
"O ...... K." McGee.
Cut to Autopsy.
"Be down in like, now? I have crazy people." DiNozzo, still friendly.
Cut to McGee's desk.
Sound of call ending.
McGee blinks in surprise.
Cut to Autopsy.
DiNozzo has his fingers in his ears.
"Tony!" Abby.
"LA, LA, LA, LA, LA, LA, LA, LA! I'm not listening!" DiNozzo, firmly.
"Tony!" Abby.
"LA, LA, LA, LA." DiNozzo, a little more firmly.
"LA LA! LA LA LA LA LA! LA, LA, LA, LA, LA, LA LA!" DiNozzo, now la-ing to the tune of 'Ding-Dong-Merrily-On-High'.
"I'm not listening! They're not real!" DiNozzo, sounding possibly just a touch crazy.
Autopsy doors open, Tony turns to see McGee enter.
"LA! Oh, thank god you're here Tim, did you bring the straight jackets and the earplugs?" DiNozzo.
McGee looks unsure.
"Err, no. I did call base security, though." McGee, innocently.
Behind McGee there are several of the base's armed security guards.
"Oh." DiNozzo takes his fingers out of his ears, suddenly aware that at that moment, he looks like the crazy person, he smiles weakly.
"Sorry guys, err, false alarm. Nice work though guys. You too Tim. Good instincts. Good instincts." DiNozzo, almost very friendly, or possibly just crazy.
Security looks to McGee for his lead, he gives a subtle gesture with his hand and a small nod of the head to show that everything was OK, They relax and start to move to the stairs.
"So what's ..... " McGee begins, but trails off in the face of Tony shaking his head.
"Don't go there, they're not real. Remember Timmy, they're not real." DiNozzo, still that maybe very friendly or maybe crazy.
"You OK Tony?" McGee cautiously.
"Never better McGee." Tony sounding more like his usual self.
Tony gives a long and very pointed sideways look at Ducky and Abby. Looks back and raises his eyebrows.
"Tony thinks we've lost the plot." Abby, calmly.
White coat sleeves rolled up, leaning forward on the side of the furthest autopsy slab, currently empty. She looks mildly annoyed.
"Don't listen to them Timmy." DiNozzo.
McGee's eyes swivel back to Tony.
"So ..... you don't think they've lost the plot?" McGee.
"Well, err, yes, that bit's true, but the rest of it ..... " DiNozzo shakes his head again.
"So anyway, Gibbs is back, and will be in the building any minute. And metro is bringing in the guy from the Missouri burned building footage." McGee, a little uncomfortably.
Tony leaves Autopsy for the elevator, very swiftly.
"They're handing him over?" DiNozzo, surprized.
McGee catches up with Tony.
"Well, they didn't want him." McGee
Elevator doors close.
"They just picked him up from a Bolo. Our friends in Missouri put one out." McGee.
"Ah." DiNozzo.
"So, err, so what, down there, ..... " McGee.
"Our forensic scientist has sailed just a little too far out from reality. I'm not saying her work has ever been called into question. And when it has, she's always been exonerated, but the point is ..... " DiNozzo.
Tony hesitates.
"Yes?" McGee.
"They say the distance between genius and madness is small." DiNozzo.
"And measured by success." McGee.
"Yes, well, I fear Abigail may have tripped over the line, this time." DiNozzo.
"And what makes you say that?" McGee.
"Well, I don't know, lets see, you know I went to the crime scene you secured?" DiNozzo.
"Yeah?" McGee, guarded.
"Good job on that by the way. I took pictures and samples, and delivered said samples to our favorite resident goth chic." DiNozzo.
"Abby." McGee.
DiNozzo nods.
"For analysis" DiNozzo.
"Err. So far so good?" McGee.
"Absolutely, just another regular day at chateaux NCIS, so far ..... So, now, here's the good part. Bad part. Really bad part." DiNozzo.
"So ...... ?" McGee.
"Well, as you know a lot of evidence is just stuff, quite a lot of it is basically just your every day garbage. The analysis of evidence is everything. A discarded gum wrapper may be just another piece of street detritus, but throw in some science and some careful analysis and it may prove that Professor Plum murdered Colonel Mustard in the pool house with the chainsaw." DiNozzo.
"OK?" McGee.
"So anyway, miss Sciuto .....  she tells me that there were three sets of DNA at that scene, one was the Tattooed man, now deceased, that's the body now in autopsy. Second set of genes belongs to a man who is not on any DNA data base, anywhere. And so far, all is fine and dandy, just some good old sciensing." DiNozzo.
"And the third?" McGee.
"And the third, and here is where I think it's safe to say she's lost what ever tenuous grip on reality she may once have had. Apparently, according to Abby, we're looking at a large reptile, one that flies ..... and breaths fire." DiNozzo.
Elevator stops, doors open.
"A dragon." McGee incredulous.
"Yeah, a dragon."  DiNozzo.
"That, err, that doesn't sound, all that likely." McGee.
"How right you are McGee, it sounds positively ..... ooky." DiNozzo.
"And Doctor Mallard?" McGee.
"Ducky? Oh. Yeah. He agrees with Abby. 'It fits the facts rather neatly'. And he was serious ..... See? Totally coo-coo, the pair of them."  DiNozzo.
Elevator doors on the opposite side of the squad room open, Gibbs steps out.
"Well, as senior field agent, I defer to you to, tell Gibbs." McGee.
"Thanks, McGee." DiNozzo, with mildly bitter sarcasm.
"Boss." McGee to Gibbs.
"Boss!" DiNozzo to Gibbs "How was London?"
Cut to Gibbs's poker face.
Cut back to all three.
"As good as that?" DiNozzo, worried.
"Yeah. Please tell me we have some progress on the burned body case?" Gibbs.
"Well now, about that." DiNozzo.
Cut to Gibbs looking less than impressed.
"Well, there's been, stuff, I guess you could call it progress. Technically." DiNozzo.
"Are you going to get to the point, DiNozzo?" Gibbs.
"OK, well, the body in the part collapsed building, here in Norfolk? Turns out that was the tattooed man we've been looking for." DiNozzo.
"Case closed?" Gibbs.
"Oh how I wish boss." DiNozzo.
"The burned warehouse in Missouri was linked, we have a good usable image of his face in CCTV we recovered from the scene." McGee.
"And I think Timmy deserves a pat on the back for recovering the footage, even after the building was totaled by a tornado." DiNozzo.
"The unit was found in a ditch, full of water. But not by me. The drives weren't too badly damaged." McGee, clarifying.
Cut to Gibbs not sure what they're not telling him.
"Go on." Gibbs, just perceptibly more irritated than usual.
"Well, we, at this stage, have found evidence at both scenes of another person. At this stage, we're not sure if they're one and the same someone, or two different someones." DiNozzo.
"A Bolo was put out. Metro has, we believe, the Missouri someone in custody. Should be delivering him here fairly soon, actually. We can take DNA and hopefully place him at the scene here in Norfolk, and he was picked up just outside Norfolk." McGee.
Gibbs look between McGee and DiNozzo.
"Now, that all sounds like good news, but you two are acting like this is a funeral. What gives?" Gibbs.
"Well, there's good news and then there's ..... other news, and that was the good news boss." DiNozzo.
"What's the bad news?" Gibbs, serious.
"Did I say bad news? Did I? Did I actually use the actual word 'Bad'." DiNozzo.
"Tony." Gibbs, dangerously.
"OK, boss, it's Abby's. She's finally ..... " DiNozzo.
"Gibbs!" voice of Abby.
Cut to Abby, she emerges from the elevator, totters across the room on her platform boots, and throws her arms around Gibbs.
"I missed you!" Abby.
"I missed you too, Abby. Now, as you were saying Tony." Gibbs.
"Has he been telling you I've lost the plot?" Abby.
"I dunno Abby. Tony?" Gibbs.
Dinozzo takes a deep breath, is a bout to speak.
"Is this about the third DNA set in the burned body case?" Abby.
"Well, since you bring that up." DiNozzo.
"I'm not screwy, I know it all seams pretty unlikely, but the evidence doesn't lie and, well, when you put it all together, it all looks like everything points to one thing."
"Remind me Abby, what was that thing?" DiNozzo.
Abby gives Tony a scowl.
Cut to Gibbs looking like he's not happy about being kept in the dark.
"You hadn't told him?" Abby.
"I was getting to it." DiNozzo.
"Told me what?" Gibbs, dangerously.
"OK, so Tony and McGee, and Eleanor, went to two crime scenes."
"I know that." Gibbs.
"They come back, with evidence the Tattooed guy was at both." Abby.
"And just out of interest, what was your connection to the deceased?" DiNozzo.
"Sick bastard did the spiders web." Abby shows the tattoo "If i can find somewhere that's open late, it's coming off, tonight. If not I'm camping outside their door till they open." Abby, deeply serious.
Cut to Gibbs looking slightly impatient.
"Oh right. Tony collected physical evidence, including a sword that has traces of blood from all the known victims on it, plus his own. The tattooed guy's, not Tony's. One other persons and some mystery reptile blood. He found what turned out to be reptile scales, really big reptile scales."
"Which I understand you tried to burn?"  DiNozzo.
"One of which was unintentionally exposed to fifteen hundred K, err, that's about twenty two hundred Fahrenheit. It wasn't damaged, I couldn't see any effect on it, literally none, even under high magnification. Tony also lifted one big foot foot print. Which, after careful analysis, turned out to be reptile. Kinda like a really really big tortoise's foot prints, with the hind foot overlapping the impression from the front, to give ..... " Abby.
Cut to Gibbs, looking more impatient.
"Oh, right. So anyway, McGee collected CCTV from Missouri. Images of the now dead Tattoo guy plus one other, the one other seemingly arrives of the roof." Abby.
"The first time he's visible on the footage, he's climbing down off the roof and the last time, he's climbing back up again." McGee.
"Did you get any physical evidence?" Gibbs.
"Err, actually, no boss." McGee.
Gibbs gives him a look.
"Shortly after we arrived, we had to leave. In a hurry." McGee.
"Whole scene was trashed by a tornado, took rest of the day to find the CCTV recorder. Which was in a ditch, full of water." Eleanor.
"If we'd stayed any longer, I'm not sure we'd've survived." McGee.
"That's no exaggeration, not in any way. I don't know how Tim got us out of there." Eleanor turns to McGee "I really don't." Eleanor, hushed, and very serious.
Cut to McGee thinking.
"Not sure I do. I think luck played a big part in it." McGee, honestly.
"So, anyway, blood say's reptile unknown to science. Foot print and scales say it's big. Scales are fire proof, and the pictures from Missouri very strongly hint that it comes and goes from the roof. What does that say to you Gibbs?" Abby.
"That we have a reptile breeder with a helicopter, and maybe a private genetics lab?" Gibbs.
"There's more Gibbs, Ducky was almost shot by a sniper, and Tony nearly saved him, only the would be assassin was thrown from the roof of the building he was holed up on. There's what look like bite marks, and I was able to extract saliva from the autopsy samples. It's not just reptile, it's not just the same reptile species. No. I can say with probably ninety nine percent certainty, there-or-there-abouts, it was the same individual." Abby.
"Actually, there's even more, metro picked up someone who fits a Bolo on the Missouri roof guy." McGee.
Cut to Gibbs, looking mildly confused.
"Leo's in Missouri got a better look at him, in what they had assumed was an unrelated fish theft incident, and put out a Bolo on that." McGee.
"You missed the best bit. Missouri actually caught him, he wouldn't answer any questions, just kept saying 'Dragon'. He escaped. An accomplice cut the bars on his cell window, with a plasma cutter. Then they cut the bars on the inside cell wall and burned a patch on the opposite wall." Eleanor.
"Why'd they do that." Gibbs.
McGee and Eleanor both shrug.
"You didn't mention that." DiNozzo, slightly accusingly.
"Got pictures?" Gibbs.
"In my pack, boss. Missouri called him the 'Dragon Guy'." McGee.
"Oh, hey, there's a Dragon Guy comes to the homeless shelter .... " Abby.
"You go to a homeless shelter? You're apartment's not that bad." DiNozzo.
Abby gives Tony a pursed lips and squinting look.
"I help out. Occasionally. They get this guy in sometimes, he's not deaf, but he doesn't speak. Well, not English, I think he speaks some kind of Icelandic dialect, or something. But, a couple of us can sign with him, and his nickname is 'The Dragon Guy'." Abby.
"Why's he called that?" McGee.
"I have no idea! Sorry, that wasn't very helpful." Abby.
"So what you're saying, is we're looking for an actual fire breathing dragon?" Gibbs, flat out not buying it.
"Oh, if someone were to discover, an actual, real life, flesh and blood dragon. If. They'd be famous. Gibbs, if it was me, it wouldn't make my day, it wouldn't make my week, my month, year or even my decade. Gibbs ..... it would make my whole life! The papers I could publish, books, TV appearances, seminars, you name it! The whole world at my feet!" Abby, by now completely carried away.
"The money you could make." DiNozzo, breezily.
"It's about the science, Tony." Abby, accusingly.
"And you think you have?" Gibbs, still not buying it.
"As amazingly awesome as it would be ..... No. I mean, it kinda fits the facts, but sadly, no. What I think is, someone went to a huge amount of trouble to make a really good hoax. What I don't know, is why. Or what, if anything, it has to do with the tattooed guy, or the burned body murders." Abby.
DiNozzo's phone rings, he answers.
"Oh so very special agent Anthony DiNozzo, you may speak." DiNozzo.
"Sure thing." DiNozzo.
Tony hangs up.
"He's on his way up." DiNozzo.
"And I'm on my way down. I'll email the full deposition, of what I know about tattooed man." Abby.
"I'll send you the pics from Missouri." McGee.
"Thanks. Tony, I'm still waiting on metro's pics from your crime scene." Abby.
"Oh, forgot." DiNozzo, smiles weakly.
Abby stride purposefully to him, stopping much too close for comfort. Tony hands over the micro SD card.
"Mmm, naughty, and don't think I've forgotten you calling me crazy." Abby, pissed, but maybe tongue in cheek.
Abby turns on the balls of her feet, and totters to the elevator, muttering to herself.
"Call me crazy will you? Nobody calls this forensic chick crazy ..... " Abby, muttering.
Elevator doors open before she gets to them. Metro uniformed officer and Jay Baruchel - with a slight limp and slightly reddish hair - step out.
"Hey Abby." Jay signs to her, casually.
"Hey Hiccup." Abby signs back casually, without stopping muttering about being called crazy.
Abby steps in and hits the button for her floor.
" ..... My work speaks for itself. I follow the physical evidence, wherever it leads. Facts, I deal in facts, I'm fact based and that's ..... " Abby, but the doors have closed and what ever else she say's is lost.
Cut to metro cop handing a clipboard to Gibbs. Gibbs signs it.
"He's all yours, and good luck, he don't speak." Guy from metro.
"You sign?" Gibbs signs to Hiccup.
"Little." Hiccup signs back.
Gibbs smiles.
"We understand each other, just fine." Gibbs to guy from metro.
"Yeah, good luck with that. So, unless there's anything else, I'm out of here." guy from metro.

Spoiler: Part NineCut to Abby in her Lab. Files up loading. Cuddling Bert the Hippo in one arm. Turns away from the screen, a second or two later Jay Baruchel's pic from the Missouri fish pool pops up.
"Late night laser tatt' removal ..... there's gotta be ..... someone ..... not too far ..... Ah-ha! Oh, L A, too far ..... No ...... No, no and no-ho!" ('no-ho' in a sing song way " ..... No ..... Yes!" Abby.
Picks up cell phone, dials.
She wanders into her office to fetch her bag,
"Oh hi, I'd like to make an appointment ...... Tonight, if possible ..... Yeah, I know, but you gotta help me ...... Please? ..... Yeah? For real? ...... In three hours? ..... No, that's awesome! ..... Thank you so, so much! ..... You too, bye!" Abby into her cell phone.
Abby walks back into her lab, and Jay Baruchel's face is replaced by the screen saver a split second before she sees it.
Turns to Bert, squats down to be eyeball to eyeball with him.
"You know what Bert? I am definitely loosing that tatt, tonight!" Abby, very happily to Bert.
Close up on Bert.
(Bert's poker face is impressively uncommunicative)
Cut to wider shot of lab, Abby stands and turns, walks to the door, taps the smart phone screen a couple of times and all the lights and computers shut down.
Cut to Abby's face, she smiles, satisfied and steps forward, out of shot.

Cut to interrogation, with subtitles.
"I have a problem, I hope you can help me?" Gibbs signs.
"If I can." Hiccup signs.
"We have been chasing a murderer. Now he's dead." Gibbs signs.
"Is that a problem?" Hiccup signs.
Gibbs shows Hiccup a still of the tattooed man from bus station CCTV.
"Do you recognize this man?" Gibbs signs.
"Yes. He attacked me. With a sword." Hiccup signs.
Gibbs takes from the file several pictures of burned bodies.
"He attacked these people with the same sword, they all died. You did not. Can you explain that?" Gibbs signs.
"I am good with sword." Hiccup signs.
"You have a sword?." Gibbs signs.
"I used a pipe. Great, no. Better than nothing, yes." Hiccup signs.
"I need to know how he died." Gibbs signs.
"Building collapsed," Hiccup signs.
"What caused it to collapse?" Gibbs signs.
Hiccup looks at Gibbs for a moment, and sighs before answering.
"Dragon." Hiccup signs.
"Dragon?" Gibbs signs.
Hiccup nods.
Gibbs looks at appraisingly for a several seconds before changing tack.
"Why did you go to Missouri? " Gibbs signs.
"I follow him." Hiccup signs to Gibbs, then points to pic of tattooed man.
"Did you take bus." Gibbs signs.
"Him bus, me ..... dragon." Hiccup signs.
Gibbs gives Hiccup a long look, before showing Hiccup a picture of the burned warehouse in Missouri.
"You met him here?" Gibbs signs,.
"Followed him there." Hiccup signs.
"What happened there?" Gibbs signs.
"He hid something there, he retrieved it and burned it." Hiccup signs.
"What was it?" Gibbs signs.
"Pictures." Hiccup signs.
"Pictures of what?" Gibbs signs.
Hiccup points sifts the pictures on the table to find the burned bodies.
"These people, dead, before they were burned." Hiccup signs slowly.
"OK. How did you get on the roof?" Gibbs signs.
Hiccup hesitates.
"Dragon." Hiccup signs.
"Dragon?" Gibbs signs.
"Dragon." Hiccup signs.
"B.S!" Gibbs signs.

Cut to Abby in the NCIS parking lot, it's now dark outside.
Abby walks past a row of identical, and identically parked Dodge Chargers. There, at the end of the lot, a vintage silver Morgan, and 4NS-CHIK. Abby's 1931, red, copped and channeled, five window Ford coupe street rod.
There's a rustle off screen, accompanied by the softest metallic jingle, Abby turns to look.
"Hello? ..... Is anyone there?" Abby.
No answer.
Long pause, Abby looks.
Abby gets something from her bag slowly.
"I have my mace ..... " Abby, warning.
Another rustle.
" ...... and ..... " Abby trails off.
Abby's expression turns to one of complete amazement. We don't see what it is, but there's a soft rumble, we know the sound. It's Toothless.

Gibbs is annoyed. Takes frame capture pic of Hiccup climbing back onto the roof in Missouri and the paperwork of his being booked in at metro. Gibbs points to the two times.
"How did you get from here ..... " slides Missouri pic in front of Hiccup " ..... to here." Gibbs signs.
Gibbs slides the two apart and points to the times again.
"That quick?" Gibbs signs.
"Flew." Hiccup signs to Gibbs.
"What airline?" Gibbs signs.
"Dragon." Hiccup signs.
"What airline?" Gibbs signs.
"Dragon!" Hiccup signs.
Gibbs bangs the table, looking furious.
Cut to Observation room behind Gibbs.
McGee is watching.
DiNozzo enters drinking a coffee, and hands a cup to McGee.
"Thanks Tony." McGee, slightly unsettled by this.
"No problem, McGee." DiNozzo, pronouncing it correctly.
Cut to Interrogation.
Gibbs's cell rings, Gibbs looks at the screen.
Cut to the screen, it's Abby. Gibbs turns it off
Cut to observation room.
We see Gibbs throw the cell phone in the trash can.
"So, Tony, I gotta ask this. I don't want this taken the wrong way, and don't think I don't appreciate it." McGee.
"But?" DiNozzo.
"Why are you being ...... nice? All of a sudden?" McGee.
"Well, as you already know, Tim, I'm a nice guy. It's one of my defining features." DiNozzo.
"Why, really?" McGee.
"Well ..... " DiNozzo.
DiNozzo Smiles, attempts to laugh it off.
Cut to McGee's look of curiosity.
" ..... Couple of days ago I ran into someone, and they made me think. Kinda take a deeper look at stuff. I ended up, err, was concerned that some of the friendly, kidding around could be mistaken for ..... something else. Which obviously I'm not, never have been, and I know what your probably thinking, 'Tony, you're being paranoid', but ..... " DiNozzo, flippantly.
DiNozzo shoots a sideways look at McGee.
Cut to McGee, looking serious.
"A woman?" McGee.
"No. Actually, it was a man." DiNozzo.
"Well, I hope you're very happy together." McGee, with no trace of insincerity.
"It was a construction worker." DiNozzo, defensive.
McGee gives a raised eyebrow and expansive hand gesture to indicate that it is the twenty first century and that is OK now.
DiNozzo frowns, annoyed, and is about to speak, when ......
McGee's cell phone rings, he looks at the screen and answers it.
"Hey Abby ..... Observation room ..... Yeah, he, threw it in the trash ...... I know ...... Seriously? ..... Err, you know how he gets if someone disturbs an interrogations ..... " McGee into his cell phone.
McGee looks at DiNozzo, slightly spooked.
Cut to Interrogation, camera at table height, looking at Hiccup and Gibbs (in focus), with door in background (out of focus). There's a knock at the door.
"GO AWAY!" Gibbs shouts at the Door.
Another knock.
"I SAID ...... " Gibbs again shouting at the Door.
"It's important." voice of McGee interrupts, sounding a little scared.
McGee enters.
"It'd better be!" Gibbs, truly pissed.
McGee hands Gibbs the phone, Gibbs looks at it, then looks murderously into McGee's eyes.
"What is it Abby?" Gibbs, not happy.
Cut to Abby in the parking lot.
"Err, You need to get down to, err, the evidence garage, like right now." Abby, deadly serious.
Cut to Interrogation.
"Abby, I'm in the middle of an interrogation!" Gibbs.
Cut to Abby in the parking lot.
"With Hiccup. I know. Need to bring him, too." Abby, still deadly serious..
Cut to Interrogation.
Abby hangs up.
Gibbs is shocked.

Cut to evidence garage, we can tell from the lighting that the outer door is open, but we can't see the door.
We see Ducky is already there, looking surprized but happy.
Elevator doors open.
Hiccup runs past Ducky and out of shot.
Gibbs, DiNozzo, McGee, and Eleanor all file out of the elevator behind Hiccup, all with stunned expressions.
"Tony, ..... " Ducky.
Abby walks into shot from the direction Hiccup went.
" ...... I do believe you owe Miss Sciuto an apology." Ducky.
"Err." DiNozzo
Abby walks up with just a hint of swagger. Abby smiles, very extra specially happy. Cut to black and white still (Phoop)
Credits Roll.
(Toothless the Dragon is listed as 'Himself')

That's all folks!
(No dragons were harmed in the making of his fanfic)


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