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The Dragon Affair or Scales Of Justice

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The Dragon Affair

Scales Of Justice
This is an NCIS crossover fan script.

SpoilerBlack and white still, showing Ducky offering Gibbs a pen, in the elevator with the power killed. (Gibb's conference room)  (Phoop)
Autopsy room doors slide open, Ducky enters, takes of his hat and coat as Camera moves round still showing him donning his autopsy gown, Camera stops to look past a body bag
Autopsy room doors slide open again, Mr Palmer enters with large and untidy handful of paperwork.
"Morning Dr. Mallard." Jimmy.
"Good morning Mr. Palmer. Do we know who our guest is?" Ducky, nodding to the body bag while putting on gloves.
"Err, yeah, name's here ..... " Jimmy.
Mr Palmer checks over the paperwork as Ducky walks over to the bag, sound of elevator arriving and doors opening.
" ..... Somewhere ..... " Jimmy.
"Well, let's have a look at you, first impressions are always very important." Ducky, quietly to the body bag.
Cut to Jimmy, sound of body bag being unzipped part way.
" ..... Here it is, 'Retired naval petty officer Coney, Roger'. Oh, Roger Coney, like as in Roger Rabbit. And you're Donald Duck!" Jimmy.
Mr Palmers smiles at his jokey observation, then looks at Ducky, face falls.
Cut to Ducky is as white as a sheet, looking into the body bag.
Sound of a third person entering autopsy.
"О Боже" Ducky, softly in Russian, in utter shock.
Gibbs is concerned, comes over, looks in, camera follows and we see the face of Robert Vaughn (in the uniform of a naval petty officer, with number of medals) in the bag
"You OK Duck?" Gibbs, concerned.
"Conference room, now." Ducky, agitated.
Ducky pushes past Mr Palmer, Gibbs follows him into the elevator, Ducky presses a button, the doors close, it begins to move and Ducky flicks the switch to stop it.
"Look like you've seen a ghost, duck." Gibbs.
Ducky looks at Gibbs for a while, goes to speak, then doesn't. Then goes to speak again, and again doesn't.
"Look, I've seen enough people who've been badly rattled, to know something's up. You can tell me. You can tell me anything."
Ducky leans his back into the corner, rubs his eyes slowly with the palms of his hands.
Finally Ducky speaks.
"Can I?" Ducky.
"Always. Anything. What's on your mind?" Gibbs.
Ducky pinches the bridge of his nose for several moments before speaking.
"Oh what a tangled web we weave, Jethro." Ducky.
Silence, Ducky massaging the bridge of his nose, Gibbs looking at him, deciding what to say next.
"So, who's the body?" Gibbs.
"Retired naval petty officer Roger Coney." Ducky, not looking at Gibbs.
"And ..... ?" Gibbs.
"He's no more 'Retired naval petty officer Roger Coney' than I am." Ducky, now looking at Gibbs.
"There's more." Gibbs.
Ducky lowers his hand.
"You know, you have a real gift for the understatement, Jethro." Ducky.
Gibbs gives a sideways move nod and an almost smile to show that he is aware of that.
"Long time ago, there was an organization that believed in the overthrow of all governments and taking control of the entire world. They planned a new order, where there would be a new ruling elite, everyone else would be either enslaved, or eliminated."
"Go on." Gibbs.
"The U.N. set up the 'Command for Law and Enforcement' to deal with it. They were international, every government was at risk and, uniquely, politics was put aside. Agents from across the globe worked together. The fight was long. And dirty. In the end, the Command for Law and Enforcement won. And was disbanded, every agent was given a new identity. A precaution. Seamed like over kill, at the time." Ducky.
"But?" Gibbs.
"That man was head of section two. Real name ..... Napoleon Solo." Ducky.
"I don't follow." Gibbs.
"How long've we known each other Jethro?" Ducky.
"Since 92." Gibbs.
"What do you know of my life before then?" Ducky.
"Ah, now, I have a confession Duck, I know you've regaled us with many stories from your past, but ..... you do tend to pick moments when we generally tend to be focused on other things, so  ..... "Gibbs, defensive.
"You didn't retain much of it? Did you?" Ducky
Gibbs looks awkward, looks away.
"Did it ever occur to you, that that might be intentional?" Ducky.
Gibbs swivels his eyeballs back to Ducky in surprise.
"I'll take that as a no. You remember I went undercover, a few years back, Charles Harrow?" Ducky.
"You handled it like a pro." Gibbs.
"Yes, well. I'm a little older than my personnel file would have you believe ..... Damn it, there's no easy way to say this, I was Napoleon Solo's number two." Ducky.
"Illya Kuryakin." Gibbs.
Ducky is stunned.
"How did you know?" Ducky, quietly and earnestly.
"Tony recognized you." Gibbs.
"How?" Ducky.
"Never asked." Gibbs.
"How long've you known?" Ducky.
"Tony knew the fist time he met you,. Told me, more or less immediately, although he did test the waters first." Gibbs.
"To see if you knew already." Ducky.
"Mmm. It was a while before I had confirmation." Gibbs.
"You've known all this time?" Ducky.
"Actually, it explained a few things." Gibbs.
"It did?" Ducky.
"You talk in your sleep." Gibbs.
"I do?" Ducky.
"Sometime in Russian." Gibbs.
"Oh." Ducky.
"I don't suppose it's just a coincidence, your old boss, turning up on the slab, here." Gibbs.
"No. Someone's sending a message ..... 'You're next' I shouldn't wonder." Ducky.
"I'll have an armed body guard assigned to you, twenty four / seven." Gibbs.
"That really won't be ..... " Ducky.
"I wasn't asking, Duck. I need you. Alive, preferably." Gibbs.
"You're not  going to take no for an answer, are you." Ducky.
"Nope!" Gibbs.
"Well, in that case, can I ask a favor of you? ..... Under the circumstances .... I'd quite understand if you ..... " Ducky.
"Name it." Gibbs.
"Thank you ..... I, I need something delivered, to London." Ducky.
"OK." Gibbs.
"Melvin Waverly, Mi6, when you're asked for credentials, give them this." Ducky.
Ducky hands Gibbs a pen. Cut to black and white still (Phoop)

Opening titles

Darkened room, large, there are two pole dancing poles, with dancers, camera moves round to show that it's Abby and (oddly) Caitlin Todd, both in bunny girl outfits.
Lap dancing in front of a chair with a person we only see the back of, is Ziva David, also in a bunny girl outfit.
A woman on roller blades skates up with a cocktail on a small tray.
"Your Vodka Martini, shaken not stirred." It's Jenny Shepherd, again in a bunny girl outfit.
Pan round to show the man in the chair, it's Tony DiNozzo, dressed in a tux and looking suspiciously like he thinks he's James Bond.
"Tony, Tony ..... " This is Eleanor Bishop, not dressed as a bunny girl, but in an airline stewardess uniform, a rather revealing one.
He looks at her, she puts a hand on his shoulder and rocks him as if she's trying to wake him.
" ..... we're coming in to land now." Eleanor.
Cut to airline seating, cushion's eye view.
Tony opens his eyes.
"I was having a nice dream." Tony, still slightly sleepy.
"Very nice, it seams." Eleanor, trying not to look at his crotch.
Tony jolts awake, looks embarrassed, shuffles back in his seat, puts on his belt and places a news paper on his lap, clearing his throat quietly, still embarrassed.
Montage .....
Stock film of an airliner landing on a runway.
Stock film of an airliner taxiing to a gate.
Air bridge docking.
Door opening.
Tony and Eleanor being thanked for flying with airline and being wished a pleasant onward journey by a stewardess, in a much less revealing version of the uniform Eleanor had been wearing in his dream.
Camera pans over inside of terminal building, from arrivals aperture, to exits. Tony and Eleanor get to a row of Taxi's.

Cut to wide shot of dark color Dodge Charger pulling up next to the NCIS Medical Examiner's truck. Stops, McGee gets out.
Ducky is emerging walking away from a heap of mangled steel work, an abandoned factory, looks like a partial building collapse. Ducky has two people beside him in suites that look like body guards.
"So, what've we got, Ducky?" McGee.
"Body, presumed to be a naval petty officer." Ducky.
"Presumed to be?"
"Mmm, looks like a building collapse. I'm no engineer, but I rather suspect it'll need structural work to shore up the rest of this derelict ruin, before we even try to clear away what's on top. Don't particularly wish to go the same way as our friend there. On the basis of what little I can see, he would appear to be forties or fifties, and dressed in a petty officer's uniform." Ducky.
"Time of death?"
"Can't access the Liver for the usual test, so best guess, rigor mortis has set in, around three to six hours ago." Ducky.
"Any idea who they were?"
"Mr Palmer is taking finger prints, I'm hoping Abby will have a name, before we get to extricate whatever's left of the deceased." Ducky.
Cut to Mr Palmer taking prints.
"Think it's linked with the burned body murders?" voice of McGee.
Chunk of metal lands not far away with a bang. Jimmy looks round, scared.
"I'll know more when I've got them back to autopsy. But I wouldn't be entirely shocked if it was." Ducky.

Spoiler: Part TwoDarkened room, large, there are two pole dancing poles, with dancers, camera moves round to show that it's Ducky and Mike Franks, both in bunny girl outfits.
Lap dancing in front of a chair (with a person we only see the back of) is McGee, also in a bunny girl outfit.
Close up of DiNozzo's almost silhouetted ear from behind. Focus changes as a cup of branded coffee is slammed down on the arm of the chair, focus crash changes back to ear as Gibb's shouts into it.
"DiNozzo!" Gibbs.
Cut to the NCIS office, DiNozzo's desk.
DiNozzo, at his desk jolts awake, Gibbs just shouted in his ear.
"Oh, I'm sorry Tony, did I disturb your beauty sleep?" Gibbs, with semi subtle sarcasm.
"Err." DiNozzo.
"Sweet dreams were they?" Gibbs.
"No, horrible nightmare, actually." DiNozzo, freaked.
DiNozzo then realizes Gibbs was in fact not concerned.
"Won't happen again boss." DiNozzo, embarrassed.
"Now why don't I believe that, DiNozzo? I'm sending a team to Missouri ..... " Gibbs.
Gibbs holds up a case file.
" ...... Fire there, possibly connected with the burned body murders." Gibbs.
"Possibly." Gibbs.
"Bit off his usual patch." DiNozzo.
"Yup." Gibbs.
"Body found?" DiNozzo.
"Nope." Gibbs.
"Anything to connect it then?" McGee.
"Our one suspect ..... " Gibbs.
"Ah, the tattooed man." DiNozzo.
" ..... Was seen at a bus station yesterday. He had time to make it there and back,intime to be picked up by a security camera here in DC this morning." Gibbs.
"A little tenuous?" DiNozzo.
Cut to Gibbs with a poker face.
"And you want us to find out if he started the fire." DiNozzo.
"That's why I'm sending a team, in charge will be special agent ..... " Gibbs serious.
DiNozzo looks smug.
" ..... McGee." Gibbs.
"McGee?" DiNozzo.
"Yup." voice of Gibbs.
Tony is shocked, crest fallen.
Cut to McGee, looking pleasantly surprized.
Voice of DiNozzo "Timothy McGee?"
Cut to DiNozzo.
"Yeah." voice of Gibbs.
"Little Timmy?" DiNozzo, with a subtle hint of near desperation.
"Problem?" voice of Gibbs.
"Surprise really, boss. May I ask why?" DiNozzo.
Cut to Gibbs
"You can ask." Gibbs.
"As senior field agent, wouldn't I be the logical choice to lead?" voice of DiNozzo.
Gibbs sits at his desk and takes stuff out of a couple of draws as DiNozzo speaks, looks up at him.
"There. You asked." Gibbs.
"Err." voice of DiNozzo.
"McGee, What's the latest on our dead petty officer."  Gibbs.
Cut to McGee
"Err, which one?" McGee.
Cut to Gibbs
"Which one?" Gibbs.
"Err. There are two now, ..... " voice of McGee.
Cut to McGee
" ..... the one in autopsy, arrived last night. Another was discovered this morning. Scene's unsafe, I've been attempting to coordinate all the relevant, to make it safe and have the body extracted. To be honest boss, it's been like herding cats." McGee.
"But you succeeded." Gibbs.
"I believe so. Got local Leo's securing the scene till we get there, too. Needs someone there to  ..... " McGee.
"Prevent the scene being compromized. DiNozzo, that gets you out of the office." Gibbs.
"Boss." DiNozzo.
Gibbs stands and is ready to leave, taking his things.
"I'm going out of town. I want you here. In Norfolk." Gibbs to DiNozzo
"To fend off the director." DiNozzo
"No. In case I need you to send in the cavalry." Gibbs, serious.
"And where would I be sending it?" DiNozzo.
"London." Gibbs striding to the elevator.
"England?" voice of DiNozzo.
"No Tony, the north pole!" Gibbs, mildly annoyed and with heavy sarcasm.
Elevator doors open.
"How long ..... " voice of DiNozzo.
"You'll know when I get back!" Gibbs, mildly annoyed, stepping into the elevator, doors close behind him.

Cut to Derelict factory, wide shot of dark color Dodge Charger pulling up next to the NCIS Medical Examiner's truck. Stops, DiNozzo gets out.
DiNozzo approaches local Leo and Construction worker, flashes badge.
"Well, if it isn't very extra special agent Anthony DiNozzo." Leo, with sarcasm.
"So you're Anthony DiNozzo." Construction worker.
"You heard of me?" DiNozzo.
"Your reputation." Construction worker.
"Nothing good I hope." DiNozzo with a broad smile.
"You got that right! So, you wanna know what we found found?" Construction worker.
Three move toward the end of the damaged building.
"I'm hoping you haven't touched anything." DiNozzo.
"Relax, DiNozzo, nothing was disturbed that didn't absolutely have to, everything that was, was photographed. Meticulously." Leo.
Leo holds up a micro SD card between fore finger and index finger, then hands it to DiNozzo.
"Thank you." DiNozzo.
"So, we got a couple of vertical members ..... " Construction worker.
"That's girders to you Tony, the 'uppy downy' ones'." Leo, patronizing.
"I know what vertical means." DiNozzo, unhappy at being patronized "I see you're back in uniform. Homicide didn't work out, huh?" DiNozzo.
Killing look from the local Leo.
" ..... So, like I was saying, couple of the vertical girders've been cut through. Which triggered the collapse. Looks like they were cut with plasma, but why cut in a curve, why not a straight line, would've been quicker. And then they line up with that scorch mark over there, what's that about?" construction worker.
Camera pans over to the wall of part of the building that is at right angles to the part with the collapsed section.
Cut to get a better look at it, it's heavily dented and the paint has been burned off the metal sheets of the wall.
Cut to an open doorway, police crime scene tape across it, Leo peels off one end, as they enter the construction worker gives a sideways nod of the head to a plaque on the door.
It reads 'I live here' and above the writing is a re-purposed dragon toilet paper holder, minus it's spindle.
Cut to camera's view, shutter SFX.
"And then we got your authentic big foot foot print." voice of construction worker.
"You're kidding." voice of DiNozzo.
Cut to worm's eye view DiNozzo, kneeling (foreground) and construction worker standing behind. It's dark, lit by shafts of bright dusty sunlight in the darkness.
"You weren't kidding." DiNozzo.
Cut to utterly perfect big foot foot print.
Hand places plastic number marker near to it, flash, sound of picture being taken. Ruler placed beside it another flash, again sound of picture being taken.
"Find any more of these?" DiNozzo.
"Nah, just the one, but then, I wasn't here to comb the area, just secure it." Leo.
"And don't think NCIS doesn't appreciate it. Looks fresh." DiNozzo.
"Mmm. Rained yesterday, there's a hole above it, see the sky out of it. That print's last night's, and before we secured the scene this morning." Leo.
"And the cut structural members?" DiNozzo.
"Where the big ole' hole in the wall is." Construction worker, gesturing.
"There's signs of a fight, too." Leo.
"Where?" DiNozzo.
"Floor above us." Leo.
The three leave.
Shot of them going up stairs, temporary steps have been laid over and instead of damaged and missing steps.
Cut to floor of similar place lit by 'big ole hole in the wall'.
There's signs of a struggle, dust rolled in, couple of packing crates are smashed, beat up old chair over turned, boxes flattened and small patch blood.
Montage of Tony placing the number markers and photographing. Collects samples of blood from a couple of places dusts for prints.
Shot of Tony going down the stairs.
Montage of Tony making up a mold around the big foot foot print, Tony putting powder from a bag, then water from a bottle into a mixing tub, mixing, carefully pouring into the mold.
Montage of Tony placing the number markers and photographing.
Tony collects another sample of blood.
Tony lifts the foot print cast, put's it into a bag, stands, and a gleam catches his eye.
Cut to something shining on the floor, a little way away, Tony steps toward it.
Cut to place where the shinny thing is. Tony squats down, reaches forwards places number marker, photographs and picks up the thing with tweezers.
Cut to Tony's eye view, it's a small roundish black disc, he turns it over to see the back, before dropping it into an evidence bag.
Cut to side view of Tony, he begins to stand, sees something else. Another number marker and photograph, and the second item is dropped into a second evidence bag. Tony stands and sees another, tony takes a step forwards.
Montage of debris pile being cleared, tattooed body in a naval petty officer uniform being uncovered, there's a sword near to it. Body loaded onto a gurney and loaded into the NCIS Medical Examiner's truck by Mr Palmer and, Ducky now in ballistic body armor. Watched, but hot aided by, Ducky's two body guards.

Spoiler: Part ThreeCut to Inside an airliner.
McGee and Eleanor are seated side by side.
Cut to overhead console. Bong. The fasten seat belt light illuminates.
Cut to McGee and Eleanor fastening their seat belts.
"You know, you're a much better traveling companion than Tony." Eleanor.
"Should I ask?" McGee.
"Hmm, probably not." Eleanor.
Cut to stock film of an airliner landing on a runway.
Cut to stock film of an airliner taxiing to a gate.
McGee and Eleanor being thanked for flying with airline and being wished a pleasant onward journey by a male air steward.
McGee and Eleanor Exit the Airport terminal and  walk to the row of Taxi's outside it.
McGee "Take us to the police station, please."
Taxi driver "Police station, you got it."
Cut to worms eye view as Taxi drives away.
Cut to inside of police station, Camera pans over the open plan room full of desks and busy looking leo's (establishing shot).
Cut to McGee and Eleanor at an officers desk.
"Frank." Frank.
"McGee." McGee.
"Eleanor." Eleanor.
"So, how can I help NCIS?" Frank, puzzled.

Cut To Abby working in her Lab.
Tony enters with a plastic crate.
"I come baring gifts." DiNozzo.
Abby turns, sees the crate.
"Oh thanks Tony, because I so don't have anything else to do." Abby, with subtle sarcasm.
Tony lifts a Caf-Pow from the crate. He smiles, and gives the drink a jiggle.
"OK, I forgive you. So what else you got for me?" Abby.
"Crime scene photos." Tony holding up a clear bag with several SD cards, he places them back in the crate "One authentic, genuine big foot foot print cast." Tony, lifting it in it's bag from the box and placing it on the bench. "A sword."
Abby come over and takes it in it's bag.
"Naval, ceremonial sword, from the nicks in the edge, it's seen some action." Abby, factually.
"Ducky thinks it's similar to the murder weapon from the burned body murders. Oh, and some mystery black discs." Tony, lifting them up, then laying them on the bench. "What are they?"
"Hmm, mystery black discs. You know me, I love a good mystery. I shall find out, or die trying. Well, maybe not die, at least, I hope not, but I'll work on it. The disks, not the dying. I shall get to the answer! I wonder what major mass spec'll make of them?" Abby.
Dinozo's cell rings.
"Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo." DiNozzo into cell.
Listens, then eyes flick to Abby.
"I see, well thank you very much." DiNozzo into cell.
"And to you, b'bye." DiNozzo into cell.
"We have another burned body." DiNozzo.
"Tony, go nail the sick dirt bag." Abby.
"Thanks Abby." Tony hands over the drink Abby places the bagged sword on the desk, takes the drink.
"No, thank you!" Abby.
Abby drinks.

Cut to a partly burned out building with mature trees around it. It's now cloudy and windy.
Cop car pulls up, Frank, gets out as a rental car pulls up beside it, McGee and Eleanor get out.
"And it was beautiful sunshine when we got off the plane." Eleanor, disappointed.
"Everything you need for a tornado." McGee, ruefully.
"Well, lets hope not!" Frank, concerned, looking at the sky "I'm not real sure what you expect to find, that we missed."
"Probably know when we see it. If, If we see it." McGee, trying not to cause offense. "Might help if we see the CCTV footage."
"There's no CCTV." Frank.
"Those just Dummies?" McGee, disappointed, nodding to the cameras.
"They're new. Wouldn't be surprized if they were dummies, actually." Frank.
"Can we go in and see?" Eleanor.
"Sure, back door's probably best, straight into the offices, it's mostly smoke damaged, nothing structural. But it may be a goose chase, they were never real big on spending money where they didn't absolutely have to." Frank, leading the way.
"We at NCIS like to be thorough." Eleanor.
"So do we, but we also have finite resources." Frank.
"You think we don't?" McGee.
"Two agents, all the way from Washington, for warehouse fire?" Frank slices the crime scene door seal with his knife, opens up, takes out a flashlight and shines it inside.
"We think it may be connected to a series of murders. After you." McGee.
"Thanks. Clutching at straws?" Frank.
Frank leads inside, McGee and Eleanor produce flashlights and follow.
"We ..... like to be thorough." McGee.
"I see." Frank, taking the stairs to the second floor.
"That looks like where the camera cable comes through." Eleanor.
"Mmm. Didn't expect that." Frank.
"Follow the Cables and we should find a VPU/recorder." McGee.
"So looking for a PC." Eleanor.
The three follow the cables.
"I expect so. Truth is, who ever the murder is, they're cautious, meticulous and when they dump the body, they set a fire." McGee.
"What do they use as an accelerant?" Frank.
"We, we haven't figured that out yet. Something that doesn't leave any tell tales behind." McGee.
"Clever." Frank.
"Mmm." McGee.
"Which is why we haven't caught them yet." Eleanor.
"In addition to burning the bodies, they like to tattoo them. Post mortem, the fires don't do too much damage, that doesn't appear to be the intention, faces just about recognizable." McGee.
"One to take home to meet momma, then." Frank, with the driest of dry humor.
"Frank, we got an issue, old man Anderson say's he's got a twister forming, and he's hit the shelter, best you get back to base ASAP." Voice on Franks radio.
"Shoot. I'm gonna take a look outside." Frank heads for the stairs, then as he's descending "Back in a moment."
McGee and Eleanor continue following the cables.
"Here we are." McGee."
Camera shows Flashlights playing over an utterly filthy PC case.
Cut to behind the case, McGee takes a step toward it, reaches toward it. Stops to look back to the stairs as we hear someone running up them.
"WE GOTTA GO!" Frank, very agitated.
We hear Frank Running back back down stairs.
"NOW!" Frank, still very agitated.
"But .... " McGee begins.
"LIKE RIGHT NOW!" Frank interrupts "MOVE IT PEOPLE!"
We hear the door bang and a moment later Franks car speeding away.
"We'll come back for this." Eleanor.
"OK." McGee.
Cut to McGee and Eleanor on the stairs.
"Cut to outside looking at the door, powerful wind, stuff blowing about real hard.
"Not good!" McGee.
"I noticed!" Eleanor.
Camera moves with them as they round the corner of the building revealing, a tornado, still at some distance, but approaching them.
"Oh s***!" Both, together.
They run for the car and just as they get to it, the hail starts.
Cut to inside of car, hail hasn't stopped, McGee tries to start it, it doesn't start. McGee and Eleanor exchange scared looks. Second attempt and it fires, McGee nails it and spays dirt as he speeds away into the hail.
McGee and Eleanor speed back towards town.
Cut to looking in the windshield, we hear the vehicle being bombarded with now golf ball sized hail stones, we see them bouncing of the trunk lid in the now smashed back window.
"You were right about the tornado!" Eleanor, freaked.
"Yeah! You've no idea how nice it is to be wrong, sometimes!" McGee, mildly bitter and still scared.
Eleanor turns round to look back.
In the rear window we see things being blown around, McGee very focused.
Driving very fast now, now in distance behind them, we see the tornado move in on the fire damaged building, then an explosion of debris.

Spoiler: Part FourSomewhere in London, a black taxi pulls to the side of the road and stops. Gibbs gets out, pays, thanks driver. Walks along side walk as taxi pulls out into traffic and merges with the bustle of London.
Side walk, walls one side, parked vehicles the other, road with heavy traffic.
Man leaning against a wall, on a cellphone arguing with someone on the other end. Gibbs approaches.
Man who was on cell phone "Get in." gesturing to an anonymous looking van's now opening door with a silencer just visible under a raincoat. In the van is a man also with a silencer just visible under a rain coat.
Gibbs looks, no escape.
"So, where we going?" Gibbs, calmly.
"Site seeing." Man who was on cell phone, calmly, but with a hint of menace.
"You know, I think I'd see more on foot." Gibbs.
"In." Man who was on cell phone, firmly.
Gibbs gets in, man who was on cell phone gets in after, door closes and van dries away.
Cut to interior of van.
"Where are you taking me?" Gibbs.
"Safe house, Leroy Jethro Gibbs." cell phone guy.
"Who are you?" Gibbs.
The two men with Gibbs exchange looks.
"British intelligence." cell phone guy and 'companion' together.
The two guys show badges.
"What the hell's this about?" Gibbs.
"I might ask you the same thing." cell phone guy.
"Might you?" Gibbs.
"How much do you know?" cell phone guy.
"About what?" Gibbs.
"Retired petty officer Roger Coney." cell phone guy.
"He's dead, only he isn't Roger Coney, false identity. To stop people from finding him, after he retired?" Gibbs.
"Correct, real name Napoleon Solo. His body was dropped off, we believe, in a place where it would be delivered to doctor Donald Mallard, your M E." cell phone guy.
"Go on." Gibbs.
"Only Donald Mallard isn't Donald Mallard, his real name is Illya Kuryakin." cell phone guy.
"I knew that." Gibbs.
"Did you also know they were both members of an extremely important organization called 'Uncle', the U N Command for Law and Enforcement, created to combat an organization called Thrush?" cell phone guy.
"Some of it." Gibbs.
"Thrush's aim was to conquer the world and subjugate those parts of humanity it didn't bother to exterminate." cell phone guy.
"Just another bunch of megalomaniac psychopaths, then." Gibbs.
"The difference is, Thrush actually stood a pretty good chance of succeeding, winding up that organization was tricky, and time consuming." cell phone guy.
"Loose ends?" Gibbs.
"Up until six months ago, I'd've said no, but, of the few remaining veterans of Uncle, all but one, is now deceased." cell phone guy.
"Ducky." Gibbs.
"Illya ..... He defected to the west at the end of his attachment, the Soviets were furious, we gave him a new life and a new identity." cell phone guy.
"And a mother." Gibbs.
"Yeah, well, there by hangs a tale or two. Something for another time, I think. Anyway, someone is trying to settle Thrush's old scores. People who got in the way always used to be fair game, looks like they are again." cell phone guy.
"My life's in danger?" Gibbs.
"Regrettably. There is a cell active in London, currently Although they haven't had it all their own way."  cell phone guy.
Cut to quiet London back street, van stops, cell phone man gets out, followed closely by someone with a beard, in glasses, a hat, and a dirty yellow work coat, they go into a house.
Cut to interior, it's small, cramped and cheaply furnished.
"It's safe, you can ditch the disguise." cell phone guy.
The second man takes off his glasses, hat, dirty yellow coat before taking off his fake beard, it's Gibbs.
"You came here to London, was it to visit Mi6, perhaps to see Melvin Waverly?" A man who emerges from a back room and flashes his ID, it say's he's Melvin Waverly.
"How do I know you're the real Melvin Waverly?" Gibbs, cautious.
"How do I know you're the real Leroy Jethro Gibbs?" Waverly.
"A visit to HQ's too risky." Cell phone guy.
"I'll have to get a friend to vouch for me." Waverly.

Cut to worms eye view.
Tony is squatting, looking directly into the camera, looking serious.
"Ah, Tony. Is this the deceased?" Ducky.
As Ducky begins to speak, Tony stands up and turns round, camera follows to see over DiNozzo's shoulder. Ducky and Mr Palmer approaching on foot from the direction of the NCIS Medical Examiners truck. Accompanied, inevitably, by Ducky's body guards
"Well, he's looking slightly more than a little bit peaky." DiNozzo.
"A Gibbs strength coffee, a good massage and an early night, he'll by running marathons first thing in the morning." Mr Palmer, smiling brightly.
Tony and ducky are no longer shocked by Mr Palmers sense of humor, but he gets the vibe.
"Erm, sorry. That was inappropriate." Mr Palmer, sincere and apologetic.
"Mmm." Ducky.
"We don't know who found the body, or when. Anonymous caller, hung up before they gave any details." DiNozzo.
"Very informative." Ducky.
"The odd thing is, they called us, not metro." DiNozzo.
"Well, he is wearing naval uniform." Ducky, looking around Tony.
Ducky approaches the camera, Tony sidesteps aside.
Camera moves down to follow Ducky.
Ducky looks appraisingly at something on the floor below it.
"Burnt, tattooed, trauma to the chest, consistent with what may have been a sword, cursory examination suggests this may be the latest piece of hand work from our killer, but ..... Mr Palmer, what do you notice is different?" Ducky.
Mr Palmer moves in, squats, has a close look.
"Err." Mr Palmer.
"OK, so what's different about this one?" DiNozzo.
"The sword blow came from a slightly different angle to the others. The tattoo, that's never the same artist. The uniform looks brand new, looks like it's never been worn before." Mr Plamer.
"Anything else?" Ducky.
"What should I be looking for?" Mr Palmer.
"Location, the others were in secluded, intimate places. This, out here, this was taking a very considerable risk." Ducky.
"Copycat?" DiNozzo.
A red laser dot appears on Ducky's forehead, Tony looks at the exact right moment, spots it and tackles Ducky to the ground before even his body guards can react.
But, the dot had already gone.
We hear the sound of a shot from down the street, a crash and a car alarm going off. All look.
Cut to over head shot of a body on the crushed roof of a car. There's a sniper rifle, it's strap still around the dead mans wrist.

Cross fade to Missouri, overhead shot looking down at the dirt.
Two cars pull up. Frank, McGee and Eleanor get out, look around at the debris.
Cut to the same place, now there are several vehicles and many people, spread out, combing the debris.
Montage of McGee, Eleanor, Frank and many others hunting in debris.
McGee checking his watch at around mid day.
Cut to his watch, ten past one.
Cut to everyone eating lunch under an RV's sun shade.
"Is the airport open again?" Eleanor.
"Nah, if you think this is bad ..... They're gonna work through the night, hoping to reopen, sometime tomorrow. They got a whole heap dumped on them. Tons and tons. They got state troopers helpin' clear it mind." Frank.
"Is there a hotel in town?" Eleanor.
"You got a choice, there's a motel on the main drag, it's not real nice, or Sally's place. That's real nice. Real expensive, too!" Frank.
"Motel's shut, pick up dropped on the roof. Amazing what a twister'll do." One of the searchers.
"Sally's Place it is then." Eleanor.
"All kinds of wealthy folks come and go through there, part spar, part conference center, s'got it's own golf course and so on." Frank.
"Won't they've been affected?" Eleanor.
"Doubt it, they're well out the other side of town, and well out of the tornado's path." Frank.
Montage of more searching.
Cut to low sun, it's getting late, everyone still searching.
Man in distance calls out.
"Found it!" Man in distance.
Cut to man in a ditch with around two feet of water, turning over half a door to reveal the CCTV PC, case is pretty mangled looking. Searcher lifts PC out of the water and a lot drains out.
Cut to a loose huddle of people standing around McGee now looking at the trashed PC.
"Need to dry it out. Think the hard drives'll go again." McGee.
"And if they don't?" Frank.
"Data recovery is rarely impossible. Can be time consuming though." McGee.
"I'd like to be kept in the loop." Frank.
"Will do." McGee.

Spoiler: Part FiveSomewhere in London, a kitchen and Gibbs is trying to persuade an ancient coffee machine to work. It's not playing ball, he turns it over to look at the base.
"Keep any tools here?" Gibbs.
Cut to other side of the kitchen, Cell Phone guy is reading a news paper, he looks over.
"Here." Cell phone guy.
Cell phone guy hands him a Swiss army knife.
"That it?" Gibbs, disappointed.
" 'Fraid so." Cell phone guy.
There is a knock at the front door.
"Wait here and ..... "  Cell phone guy.
"I know the drill." Gibbs, quietly and serious.
We hear the door open out of shot, sound of people entering, and door closing. Gibbs is focused and alert the whole time.
Cell phone guy enters the kitchen again, looking relaxed.
"You have a visitor." Cell phone guy.
The man who claims to be Melvin Waverly close behind.
"Your visitor." Cell phone guy.
Gibbs goes to speak, but Melvin looks behind, as a someone else enters, a short person dressed in a Burqa, face covered.
"I believe you know ..... " Melvin.
They reveal their face, they're a bit battered and bruised, but still recognizable.
" ..... Ziva David." Melvin.
It is Ziva.
"Hi Gibbs. Long time no see." Ziva.
"Ziva." Gibbs, stunned.
"Ziva's been helpings out, at our end recently. And before that, in Israel." Melvin.
As Waverly speaks Ziva takes off the Burqa to reveal her normal cloths underneath.
Gibbs eyes following the black garment as she places on the counter top, with a look of surprise and mild confusion.
"A useful disguise. And has, historically, also been worn by some orthodox Israeli women, as well." Ziva.
"So what happened?" Gibbs.
"It fell out of favor." Ziva.
"I mean ...... " Gibbs gestures to his face.
"Oh. I fell down the stairs, and bumped into a 'cupboard door' on my way down." Ziva, suppressing a smile.
"Somebody was jumped." Cell phone guy, one eyebrow raised.
"There was that." Ziva, modestly.
"There were six of them." Cell phone guy.
"I wasn't counting." Ziva.
"One of whom survived." Cell phone guy.
Ziva looks modestly embarrassed.
"One of which was suicide. Managed to stop the other from taking his suicide pill." Ziva.
"When he regains consciousness, he'll have some questions to answer." Melvin.
"He was absolutely, very determined to take his pill." Ziva, mildly defensive.
"I hate to bring business into this ..... " Melvin.
"Gibbs, these men work for British intelligence. MI6, and this man is who he say's he is, Melvin Waverly." Ziva.
"Now, can I have your credentials?" Melvin.
Gibbs hands over the pen Ducky gave him for this moment. Melvin hadn't expected this, takes it, opens it.
"A channel D device. Not seen one of these in a long time, not outside the museum." Melvin.
"Duck, err, Illya wanted me to deliver that." Gibbs.
Melvin unscrews the pen, inside is an old stamp. Written on it, 'Avenge me!', Melvin is puzzled. Takes out a pocket microscope and looks at the dot.
"What have we here? Micro dot. Too small for this, I'll get it analyzed." Melvin.
"I'd like to know what it says." Gibbs.
"With the proviso that it's nothing classified, sensitive, or too personal, I don't see why not." Melvin.
"Ducky really is Illya Kuryakin?" Ziva.
"Was. Yeah." Gibbs.
"I put that down as Tony's overactive imagination." Ziva.
"Even DiNozzo can be right, sometimes." Gibbs.
"How did he know?" Ziva.
"Never asked, but I plan to, when I get back." Gibbs.
"Good idea, and that's something I'd like to know. There's been too many loose ends already." Cell phone guy.
"Mmm. Now, getting you home has been arranged." Melvin.
Melvin takes out a passport, hands it to to Gibbs open on the photo page, tucked in is a British Airways ticket. The picture is Gibbs in the beard he was wearing earlier, but the name reads Michel Anderson.

Cut to Autopsy.
The latest burned body and the sniper lay on tables side by side. Both with the characteristic 'Y' shaped stitches showing autopsy's have been performed.
Camera plays across the two body's and ends up looking past both, focused on Ducky and Mr Palmer cleaning themselves up.
Ducky dries his hands, walks over to his desk.
Autopsy doors open, it's DiNozzo.
"You wanted to see me?" DiNozzo.
"Tony. Do come in." Ducky, a little too warmly.
"This doesn't sound good." DiNozzo.
"No, well ..... I need to ask you something." Ducky, somber.
"Shoot." DiNozzo.
Long awkward pause.
"I can go, take the sample to Abby." Mr Palmer.
"That's probably for the best." Ducky.
Mr Palmer picks up a box and steps to the door, which opens and Mr Palmer takes the first step out, but Ducky changes his mind.
"Then again, this does affect you. You'd better stay." Ducky.
"OK." Mr Palmer.
"So what's this about?" DiNozzo.
Ducky hesitates, takes a long slow deliberate deep breath, hesitates again before he speaks.
"Illya Kuryakin." Ducky.
"Who?" DiNozzo.
Ducky gives Tony a very long steady look.
"Oh." DiNozzo.
Tony looks at Mr Palmer.
"Are you sure an audience is a good idea?" DiNozzo.
"No." Ducky.
"Well ..... " DiNozzo.
"What's past is past, forty odd years past, in this case. I can't change the past, though heaven knows I've tried to move on from this particular slice of it." Ducky.
"You're Illiya."
"Was. Past tense. It's a long time ago now. Funny, isn't it, however far you go, you can never completely escape your own history." Ducky, deadly serious.
"I'm not sure I understand." Mr Palmer.
"My life is in danger because of what Illya Kuriakin did all those years ago. His part in rolling up a truly seditious organization, hell bent on world domination." Ducky.
"Where have we heard that before?" Mr Palmer.
"Lots of places. The difference, this one might have actually succeeded, rounding up every last one of their number was a massive undertaking. It took years. We thought we'd left no loose ends." Ducky.
"So who was Roger Coney?" Mr Palmer.
"My head of section, real name Napoleon Solo. Penultimate surviving member of our little team. The attempt on my life today, and thank you Tony for your timely intervention, by the way." Ducky.
"It wasn't me who saved you, you need to thank whoever pushed our sniper off the roof." DiNozzo.
"Mmm, that's where it doesn't make sense. He fell too far out from the building, he wasn't pushed, he was thrown. And pretty forcefully too, that took a lot of strength. I doubt one person could have managed it. More like a small catapult. Then there's what appear to be tooth indentations, but they're like no bite mark I recognize." Ducky.
"Will they try again?" DiNozzo.
"Well, I very much doubt that he will." Ducky indicating the dead sniper with a move of the head.
Jimmy laughs, and almost immediately stops, abruptly aware that it wasn't appropriate, or all that funny.
"The original organization was vast, and extremely well organized. Our latest burned body was bait to lure me out, I have no doubt of that. It was a ruff approximation of the genuine article, but not a precise replica. I suspect that it was only intended to be adequate to put me in harms way. It was indeed good enough for that. Mr. Palmer, Jimmy, I'm afraid I may have put you life in danger as well. I must apologize for that, it was never my intention, but we really did believe they'd been expunged." Ducky, serious.
"Something remained." Mr Palmer.
"Indeed Mr Palmer, I wonder what we missed." Ducky.
"I wonder what the sniper missed." Mr Palmer.
"Err, well, Ducky." DiNozzo.
"No, Mr Palmer is right. Our would be assassin landed on his back, leading to massive and non-survivable trauma. The ultimate cause of death was blood loss, he bled out, but I very much doubt he knew anything about it, parietal and occipital bones were both pushed in. More interestingly, his right shoulder, the glenoid and head of humerus were separated, the joint capsule ruptured. Markings on the skin match the rifle butt." Ducky, indicating on his own shoulder where the bits are.
"He was taking aim?" DiNozzo.
"If he was, he was aiming at something in the air, not on the roof of the building." Mr Palmer.
DiNozzo o_O.
"Mr Palmer is correct. Now I have a question for you Tony, you knew who I was. How?" Ducky.
"Oh, when I was a kid, dad had a lot of photos in his office. All in silver frames. One of them was of dad and a blond guy in sunglasses in front of a very cool car. I asked who you were, I asked who all of them were. Dad was always happy to say who they were, but when I asked who you were, the picture disappeared and I never saw it again. It took one heck of a lot of pestering, before he gave me a name, Illya Kuryakin." DiNozzo.
"Oh, Tony." Ducky.
"When I became a detective, I did a little digging, there was nothing. Absolutely nothing. Then I came here and here you were." DiNozzo.
"And you recognized me, from that? No doubt in your mind?" Ducky.
"Yup." DiNozzo.
"Well, I'm impressed, disappointed, but impressed." DiNozzo.
"You defected?" Mr Palmer.
"Yes, well, I had a warning, from a very reliable source, that as soon as I returned to my mother country, I was to be debriefed." Ducky.
"Fairly standard." DiNozzo.
"In the Lubyanka. It wasn't going to be a tea and biscuits affair, that much I can tell you."
"But why, Dr Mallard?" Mr Palmer.
"I'd seen the bourgeois capitalist west, I was intellectually tainted. The fact that, up until that moment, my ultimate loyalty had never wavered, was by the by. That's what it was like there back then." Ducky.
"Oh." Mr Palmer.
"You know, you really should take the compliment Tony, you would have saved my life today, and I am profoundly grateful. Both to you, and to my guardian angel, who ever they may be." Ducky.


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