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Eltu Lefngap Makto:
Prosím, odpusť mi, nemluvím česky.
Já jsem pomocí Google Translate.
Vím, že není Na'vi slovník pro české.
Udělal jsem stránky (používá software z Wikipedia), pomáhat překládat.
Bude mi někdo pomoct?

Blue Elf:
No problem, you can write English (at least all three currently active people here understand English quite well :))
I've seen these wiki pages (in English), but I really don't have idea how they works. Which way we can help you?

BTW we have good Czech dictionary (, it is maintained by Tanri (and sometimes also by me)

Eltu Lefngap Makto:
I will copy all the dictionary words into the wiki!  Thank you!  My goal is to prevent people from needing so many separate databases.  My wiki software is good at exporting data.

Could you check my czech?  ;D

Blue Elf:
It looks well on first view, good! Some comments:
- for nstab-media I'd use "Multimédia" instead of "Soubor" (at least to differ it from nstab-image)
- for nstab-mediawiki I'd use  "Zpráva" instead of "Hlášení"
- for nstab-mediawiki I'd use "Stránka uživatele" instead of "Uživatelova stránka"

Term "vpona" for infix is interesting for me, as we do not have infixes in Czech, AFAIK, but according to wikipedia it is for sure correct.
If you need check something or translate, let me know - I'll help as my free time permits.

Eltu Lefngap Makto:
that's funny because the three you mention were not done by me: they are part of mediawiki itself!!!  :o


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