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Ikrantsyíp from Mo'ara (small banshee from Animal Kingdom) collar tags

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I made thes collar tags for 2 of my ikrantsyíp, small banshee pupet toys from Disney, but have since replaced them; I don't want any money, I just want them to go where they'll be appreciated.  I cannot ship them, but I'm definitely able and willing to take/deliver them to the U.S. AvatarMeet this year at Disney's Pandora
(I added a picture attatchment, but I'm not sure it'll show.)

It showed. Lol!

It looks interesting, good work! :)

Irayo! :D "An artist always likes it when her work is appreciated!"
(Though those were just me 'playing' around! Lol!)

Kea tìkin :) Yeah, I appreciate this your nice artwork :)


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