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OC's hand made Ikran plushies for sale

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Ok cool, I will tell you when I get started, since I'm starting back at college next Tuesday it will take me some time to make them....just saying, I will keep you updated as well.

`Eylan Ayfalulukanä:
Tewti, ma OmatakayaClan! You are back in the Ikran business! I sure love mine (center one in the group shot). I can attest firsthand that OC's ikrans are wonderful, and well worth the money-- and the wait! At the July meetup, most of us who had one walked around with our ikrans balanced on our shoulders.

Yes I am, that is if I can keep up with the orders and my school work, if I can't then I will have to stop my orders until mid-May when my college gets out.

Tsufätu Ayioangä:
Are you still taking orders for new ones?  I would love to have a plushie of my RP Ikran :)

Sorry I just don't have time to make any more I'm sorry :(


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