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Hey guys,

Seeing as I need some cash and I can't find a job (believe me, I'm desperately trying to) - I'd thought I'd try to offer what I do know, to make my own money.

I'm a graphics designer, been using Photoshop since Early-2000. I specialize in web graphics, usually designing website and what-not, but I do like making forum signatures every now-and-then, especially if it is for a forum I like; and for people I like. Like... LearnNavi! :)

I'm going to try to avoid writing a silly marketing spiel and say:

You can check out my DeviantART gallery here: http://morsolo.deviantart.com/
and you can check out some more designs I did for another forum here: http://s54.photobucket.com/albums/g109/morsolo/Morsolo%20by%20Design/

Here are some of my favourite, Avatar-related ones (yes, my old name was Toruk Maktoyu)

--- Quote ---

--- End quote ---

A Signature is $5. But if you want it really elaborate (like animation, etc.) it's $10. (tips are always nice too)

If you would like a Signature, PM me (don't post requests in the thread) with what exactly you want on the signature, colours, pictures, styles... Anything you can think of to be as specific as possible. I'm happy to "come up" with some stuff if you just "don't know", but, you can't be too vague, because it makes my job a lot harder.

Also, this isn't a "pay me and I make you a signature then go away". No, I make the Signature FIRST, then - if you want - I make corrections and change things to what YOU want. Then, once everything is as YOU like, then I get paid (via PayPal). :)

ta Tsyeymzi


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