Author Topic: WANTED: 70s/80s/early 90s computers/games consoles +accesssories/games/software  (Read 3955 times)

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As a few of you may know, I collect old computers and (to a lesser extent) games consoles, mostly from the 70s, 80s, and early 90s. I usually clean them up a little and make sure they're running well, I sometimes even upgrade them with new(ish) hardware if I feel so inclined.

I'm only young myself, so don't always have money, but if any of you do have one, I will wait until I have money and then buy it off you, if I like the look of it.

If you (or anyone you know) has a computer or console, and/or accessories or software for them, please post here with what you have, and possibly a few pictures.

Of course, I won't buy just anything, but I am interested in most things, so even if it's really dirty or broken, or not very good at all, I still might be interested.

As far as DOS/early Windows goes, I'm not quite as interested in that stuff, but I am still interested.

I live in Andover, Hampshire, UK, so if you're outside the UK, unless you have something I REALLY want, I'm not likely to buy it due to the high P&P costs...

Although selling them on in the future might be a necessity (if I run out of space), it's not something I'm considering doing now, so I don't see any reason to try to rip you off with prices.
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[21:42:56] <@Muzer> Apple products used to be good, if expensive
[21:42:59] <@Muzer> now they are just expensive

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I have an Atari Jaguar console with a couple of games (Doom & Theme Park), with all the accesories & still all boxed up.

I'll take some phtos for you over the weekend if you're interested, and post them here.


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I am interested in the Jaguar (obviously the shipping on the 2GS would be rather a lot :(), but I won't be able to buy it right at this moment, as my father bought something for me in Japan (I wasn't sure whether or not he was going to, but he has) - I'll let you know when I do, though :)
[21:42:56] <@Muzer> Apple products used to be good, if expensive
[21:42:59] <@Muzer> now they are just expensive

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I have a Rendezvous With Rama game from my old Commodore 64 of the early 80's but that may be too far back except for the historic value of it. And a Pong console.

Shara :)



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